posing for money

i have been asked to pose for pictures from someone i have know most of my life.he once dated my mom and i have never thought bad about him.he wants to pay me to model outfits that he buys and says its nothing more than pics.i trust him enough that if i do it i know he would keep it private.i have partied with friends at his house and he is still friends with my mother.does being 17 make it illegal?

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  • Don't do this, even a person you trust so much can use pictures like that to destroy your life trust me.

  • thank you all for sharing your thoughts on this

  • Having someone with you would be the best idea. A friend maybe. It'll make it safer for everyone.

  • Honestly, as much of a fantasy as that might be...don;t do it.

  • I think your mom should know, regardless. Once you're 18, do whatever you feel like. But it sounds like you have at least some reservations about it otherwise why would you be posting.

  • well, as long as you're not nude it's not illegal. but anyways, who really would persecute a 17 year old for posing for nude pictures? they'd be to busy whacking off.

  • no,i have never done anything with him and he has never done anything to make me feel uncomfortable in that way.

  • YES, it does make it illegal Only if you do not have your mother's permission.. You being 17 makes you a minor and the law does not consider you old enough to make your own decisions.. however it's soo HOT.. have you done anything else with him? WOW

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