The man from Iceland

I'm a 15 year old bisexual male and I have met someone incredible.

I'm usually not turned on by anyone instantly and I'm generally very contained about anything sexual and wanting to get to know someone before saying anything to anyone, not even to my closest friends.

But recently I have met a 17 year old foreign exchange student called Brjän (pronounced Brian) that turns me on so much it is crazy. The first time I met him, he didn't even have to say or do anything, I was just walking beside him and he said a single word to me and I instantly got turned on.

He has a perfect body, he is charismatic and he has an awesome accent as well as perfectly pale skin and red hair, the combination of which I am incredibly susceptible to. I just have to be close to him and I start to feel h****, having a conversation with him makes it that bit more.

Now you may be thinking I'm one of those people that sees someone that turns them on and sticks to them like glue and goes crazy about them. In fact I'm pretty much the opposite.

If there is someone like Brjän then I tend to keep my distance but try to talk to them when they are feeling down or look like they are lonely. I try to care for their feelings where others may not and whilst I may be completely obsessed with them, I can hide it pretty well if I want to.

But man! It is actually incredible the effect that guy has on me! I get a b**** just thinking about him. I have heard before that humans give off pheromones of a sort and was wondering if its the same sort of thing between Brjän and I because its not like I even have to be looking at him, I just have to know he is there beside me and I'll get h****.

If by some magic we ended up spooning, I would definitely be the little spoon for Brjän and I would grind him so much. I would get a b**** just from him being in the same bed as me let alone him embracing me.

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  • I know exactly what you mean I met a guy from Tuly Greenland bright red hair freckles and five years my senior and we ended up in bed spook him up against my back and he slowly entered my ass and f***** me good till he came in me, Five times in the next 20 hours and the last he must have f***** me in every position two guys could and while f****** me missionary he again filled my ass with his cu m and I swear I could feel every single squirt entering me before pumping into me. For six days he stayed with me and I felt so alone when he left but he said he'd be back.

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