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I am 16 years old and my c*** is about 6.5 inches long. I don't know what it is but something about knowing other men have smaller penises than me makes me feel extremely h**** and extremely empowered. Especially when the other guy is older because then it is all the more empowering for me and humiliating for the other guy. Anyway my gym constantly has men changing in there and I will spend excessive amounts of time waiting for someone to change and 90% of the time they are 30 or older. There's a lot of old guys. They're penises are often times flacid and really small. I mean like 1-3 inches. I will intentionally go around get naked to flaunt my clearly bigger p**** so they know that this kid is larger already than they will ever be and that makes me really h****, which in turn gives me a b****. Once I feel the B**** coming on I'll get to about 5 inches soft but decently thick and really show off. Ive actually seen an old man do a double take when I was 15 when I had 5 inches soft and he then Looked down at his own p**** and frowned. Another time some gay guy told me that for a kid I had a really nice c*** which kind of weirded me out but also turned me on. I usually end up going into a stall to j******* to finish my experience. I usually feel like an a****** afterwards but I always know that I'll be back for more.

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  • I'm 15 and I got a 8 inch c***. So please don't feel so happy about yourself . I already f***** 3 of my teachers and my neighbors wife.

  • I was out of town on business a few months ago and my wife was acting strange when I got back and didn't want to have s** with me. She finally admitted a few days ago that she had s** with the 19 yr old neighbor kid when I was away. I'm only 3.5 inches erect and he's 7 inches. She said she always ends up frustrated when I f*** her and the 19 year old really satisfied her and gave her multiple o******. I felt totally humiliated but now I know why the kid smirks to me every time he sees me. Any time you want to get back at an older man, like a boss or teacher or doesn't treat you right, just f*** his wife. She's thank you and he'll be put in his place.

  • You think 6.5 in is big, boy are you im for a surprise.

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