It's my BFF's Boyfriend!

So my BFF's boyfriend is also my best friend, we talk A LOT about s** and dirty things. In the other day we were at history class and it was dark because we were watching a documentary. He slowly stars to touching my breast and actually let him, because felt good and his my friend, then he starts to rubbing my v***** ( without anyone knows) and i was feeling sooo h****! Was so good! Then he asked me: Do u wanna touch it? and i said : well...ok..,than i massage his p****, he had a b****. So there were we, I was h****, he had a b****! we were smiling a lot. In the end of the class i was feeling a little gilt
because of my bbf. Then he ask me if a want to go to his house that afternoon, i said yes. We were at his room, i was at youtube and he starts to grabbing and massage my b****, a let him because it felt really good. Then we went to his bed , i started to rubb his p**** ( we were with the closes on) and he starts to touch me b**** and v*****. It was AWESOME! I really like him and he really likes me too. ( has friends). But i don't know what to do!! His my BBF boyfriend!!! Should I stop??!!!, i really like feeling h****! and he likes too! (PS: he really loves his girlfriend, i like him but not in that way.) PS x2 : sorry for the bad english :$ )

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  • If it feels good to you, then you should totally do it. And not just occasionally. Get with him anytime you want and anytime you have that h**** feeling. Just make it clear to him that he can't tell anybody about the two of you. I mean he's obviously not going to tell his girlfriend, but he might tell his friends or other people, and you have to tell him not to. Part of the excitement you feel is not just the s**, but the fact that he goes with your bff, and knowing that he'd rather be with you than her. He's telling you that you're better in bed than your she is. That's an important thing, and it's a very hot thing. Keep seeing him. And keep it quiet.

  • I almost had s** with a friend's girlfriend once. He was not a real close friend. She was cute and we were drinking and she started to kiss me,groping and dry humping. I thought it was great at the time but then I felt bad whenever I saw him because he was a nice person who I liked. It made me think of what kind of person I would be when I got older, and would I touch a married woman? It frightened me to think I could lose control so easily and perhaps ruin a family or a marriage. I never did anything like that again. I am older now and would feel bad for the rest of my life if I did.

  • I wana touch your p**** too...U want to touch my p****?

  • Now this is hot a good masturbation material
    gotta love all these fantasies on here

  • The only reason he is going after you is because he isn't getting any from his girlfriend. Talk to her, and warn her that she needs to be a better girlfriend, before she loses him!

  • You will always be a s***...make sure your husband knows that you will be cheating on him...tell him BEFORE you get married...also, you will probably wreck a lot of prepared to testify in a lot of divorce trials in states that have a adultery laws...

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