I don't like blacks but something happened

My first cousin who is a natural redhead for reasons of her own decided to have s** with a black married man. She has two children by hi and guess what?

Being a white man born and raised in the south I love the very ground her children walk on.

These kids know this and they come to my house often.

She has a boy and a girl and like I said I adore the ground these kids walk on. They are dark skinned and look more black than they do white.

I love them, I love them, I love them

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  • In your title claims that you don't like blacks

  • Okay, but for what reason do you dislike black people? Hating any race of people is a very ignorant thing to do.

  • So now you're a converted racist? Hating any race of people is pure foolishness. It shouldn't take having biracial cousins to convince you that it is wrong to dislike people.

  • I'm the OP. Did you see the word hate anywhere in my post? If you read the papers and watch TV you'd be out of your mind if you are white to not be at least a bit leery of blacks. I mean they account for only 13% of the population but they commit 50% of the murders.

    Even blacks are afraid of blacks in this day and time.

  • Also, they're allowed to be racist af to whites no matter who, I don't need that BS in my life

  • ^This x1000+

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