Fantasize about being ball busted by a beautiful woman or two. I would never do so and probably couldn't handle the pain or admit the fantasy publicly, I think it's something in my head about watching a woman's face and seeing her enjoyment of doing so. I've always wondered if there are women who really enjoy this or if they just do it for money and sickos-? Feedback to my confession appreciated

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  • Being hit or kicked in the b****. To intentionally hurt a man where it counts. Stupid fantasy that's all. I've seen and heard of this on the Internet and with others but I really don't want it. For some whacked out reason I like to see a woman's reaction and facial expression especially while doing so. I know pretty messed up thinking, especially when I can never bring myself to do so anyways. Just confessing a foolish fantasy if that makes sense. I've heard that some women actually enjoy doing this & I find that kind of kinky

  • I would answer, but I am not sure what "ball-busting" is.

  • Don't google it, don't.

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