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My very favorite website in all the world is closing down. So now I'm here. My first confession is that I resent my DH for not making enough money. Well, I did for years. Now that he has a job and contributes- I realize the way I've been treating him this whole time. Like a child that I have to take care of and support. No wonder he doesn't do s*** around the house. I have been following behind him redoing everything, giving him pointers, and reprimanding him for doing some things "wrong" by my standards. I think now that he has a job, I'll be more inclined to let him be his own man and quit picking on him. I'm going to really work on it, anyway. I hope more people that have real, normal confessions make their way over to this site. If we could weed out the sickos I think the traffic here would seriously beef up.

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  • No offense but women seem to act like that quite a bit. When me and my wife moved to a different state, we had just had our first child. The first 4.5 years I was the only one that worked, as well as cooked, cleaned, did the laundry, etc, etc. She didn't lift a finger in those first 4.5 years. Yet, I never complained one bit. Then she went to school and got a job, and I changed my work schedule to fit hers, again no complaining that I jumped from swing to Grave, and once I got home I had to stay up 9 more hours to watch our child. It had to be done. About a year after she started working, the company I was working for went into bankruptcy and shut down. Unfortunaely where we live there isn't s*** for jobs, I still look continuously (2 years later) but can't even get an interview in this place. Anyways the second I lost my job, she got high and mighty all of a sudden and every time she get an attitude it's always the same thing, "Get the f*** out". This happens at least 3 times a week, and the s*** gets old. I still do all of the cooking, cleaning, laundry, taking care of our children, etc, etc, etc. The only thing I don't do is work, which isn't my fault. Though she may work, she still doesn't lift a damn finger, but she sure grew some big b**** the second I lost my job.

    Moral of the story is, if your man isn't contributing in the house work, you need to step up and tell him to do so, but realize if you critisize how he does the laundry, cleans, etc, he may just say f*** it, and leave it for you to do, since you prefer your way. And, B. When a man loses his job through no fault of his own, and can't find a new job right away in this economy, don't go on critisizing him, and talking s*** to him, as not only will that not help one bit, but he may get sick to the point, he can't wait to get a job, stack some cash, and leave your ass.

  • Im a truu transplant as well. Hopefully this site works out...

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