Show Off at Rest Stops

I am a white wife and love to go to the nearby rest stop and expose myself, sometimes my breast or show lots of legs. I park near the trucks where the truckers will pass me. I let them see me and if they come over I let them feel me up. sometimes if I am in the mood and if they look good, I will let them get into the car with me and I will blow them while they feel me up. I can have o****** sometimes this way. I have had Caucasian, black, and Hispanic guys, they are all hot. My husband does not know, he works and the kids are in school. I am h**** right now just telling you about my little secret.

Mar 24, 2016

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  • Hopefully you're doing all you can to protect yourself from STDs and stranger danger. Your behavior sounds hot but could also possible get you raped, assaulted or arrested. Last thing, the race you are might attract certain men but it will not keep you completely safe. Be careful out there, and you may also want to stop this while you're ahead.

  • Wow! What can I say about this. First let me say, I hope I happen by one day while you're there. Secondly I have to ask, has your husband ever asked questions about where you've been or maybe a c** mess? And do you like having him in the dark about what you've done that day when he gets home and wants to f*** or kiss? I know it's wrong, but I'm getting turned on just asking.

  • He doesn't know, I have kissed him often after sucking 4or5 men off and he has said you taste good?

  • This is a story that perked my interest and I may try it myself. Sound so hot. I want to do it too.

  • Go for it girl, it's lovely

  • I'm in th UK and do this ad well. I love sucking c*** through the open window. I always wear a black top, that gets covered in s**** and I drive home, admiring how made them c** on me. Hubby hasn't got a clue

  • Where in the UK??? I'd love to c** all over you after you've sucked my c*** through the window. Ever f*** through the window?

  • I'm in Walsall. Yes I have a couple of times, knelt on the seat and pushed my a*** up to the window and got f***** but usually just let them feel my big saggy t*** as I suck them off

  • I went out last night and sucked two guys off and let one f*** me. I wanted my hubby to find out, so I didn't take a clean top and also gave myself a love bite on my right t**.

    He went crazy but had a h****** and f***** me like a wild animal and spanked my a***. I loved it

  • Near where we live there is lay-by where truckers park up to have their rest times. On weekends normally when my wife feels like it she ask me to take her up and provided they are not sleeping we knock on their doors and start a conversation. We have chilled soft drinks and nice home-made cakes. Just saying that we appreciate the work they do for all of us and that it's a hard and mostly boring life on the road. When we see that the trucker is friendly and appreciates a conversation and is in the mood to make friends then I let it slip that my "georgous" wife wouldn't be adverse to "showing him a good time" for free. She normally wears blouses and they can appreciate her t*** and a wide skirt which I then lift up to expose her naked bottom underneath. Naturally I wait until I get "the nod" from her - it's a secret sign between the two of us that she finds the trucker attractive. From the sign I know if it's just bit of fondling and hand-relief or if it is full oral or full s** and intercourse with the man. Shortly afterwards I sit in the driver's seat enjoying the sight of the action back in the cabin.
    We have found that it is welcome relief and fun for these truckers. Best activity in the world to pass the time.
    We now have a few regulars who let us know when the will in the area and park up on "our" lay-by and we have one who we have now invited to our house for several times. He is the one who has impressed us most by being open and honest and when we first met him he called his wife and told her what was happening and he would love to do it but was she OK with it. To our surprise she just told him to do it and enjoy and that they would talk when he got home.

    I guess that sort of thing goes on on a lot of lay-byes and car parks where truckers park to rest .

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