Belly Punching

I'm just gonna come out and say it: I fantasize about punching women in the stomach. Weird? Yes. Violent? Maybe. Ashamed? Again, maybe. But I have this fetish, and there's nothing I can do to get rid of it :P
If there's anyone else out there that's scared of admitting this taboo kink, I'm here to tell you that you're not alone in this. MY friends and not even my family knows about this (which would be kinda weird, why would my family give a s*** about my personal fetish?)
Anywhore, that's all I have to say....okay, one more thing: any females out there that wanna role play belly punch, I got kik ;) just ask. Oki, bye

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  • Fat couple here, hubby punched

  • Yes, it is a thing. Keyword: consensual. Whether it is role play or a woman who gets off on being punched in the stomach. They don't have to be kill shots to be erotic. The goal is arousal, not to beat the living h*** out of them. Any woman who is willing to be submissive has the potential to get into this fetish.

  • Some have the fetish of getting punched in the belly with a beautiful woman watching ....something about a fist going into the guys belly that she likes to see .might be the sound he makes from the pain------------ might sound crazy but some women love to watch it ......even from the guys point of view he may want her to see him get his belly punched

  • I have the same exact fettish ans feel the same way u do!

  • Me from india

  • Ok, I have a fantasy about being punched in the stomach by women. Anyone want to role play?

  • Some women love to have their belly punched by a man ...........deep punches that hurt ...know a guy that wants his belly to be punched by a beautiful woma ...she has to know how to punch real hard

  • O want to be punched by a beautiful woman!!!

  • Yes . i do .you know one that can really punch hard ?

  • Where Is She Located?

  • Where is she located ?

  • Mmmm

  • I'm a boy and I always wanted to get punched in my stomach like I want to be left breathless and still get punched while I'm breathless and I want my stomach to get punished and if any girl in Maryland with it please hit me up please

  • We have the same fantasies in this regard. And yes, there are girls/women that are willing to be hit in the stomach at various strengths de[ending on the girl/woman, so what we are talking about consensual participation just like any other SM type of sexual fixation. F*** those judgemental people that don't/can't understand that.

    Over the years I've found it most enjoyable to play/act, pretend, fake the hitting and have the girl totaaly react realistically versus actual hitting, but some girls actually like being hit in the stomach in varied strngths as mentioned above and in such cases I am more than happy to oblige.


  • I do it too

  • Don't worry you're cool.. We'd all most likely be surprised at the scores of men who covertly would enjoy knocking de wind out of a few dames when they least expect it : then keel over & try to regain their breath.. It'd be like a cool initiation practice to watch. What de h***.. I find it quite peculiar in these days of equality that these females get all upset over a little humor but any reference of violence toward a man is fine.. It's de dames who are de sickos..

  • "Violent? Maybe" Are you f****** serious? Assaulting someone 'might' be violent? You're kidding yourself, and you're sick. If violence (or the thought of violence) against women gives you pleasure, you have serious mental problems.

  • With consent, friend. Forgot to mention that, yes, but I do not condone hitting anyone unless it's either in self defense or consensual.

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