Stepdaughter confession

So I've been married to my wife for 9 years. Her daughter was 9 when we got married. I never LOOKED at her until about a couple years ago. She started wearing skimpy clothes and showed off her amazing ass and big t***. Still never did anything about it.

So I watch my favorite show on Sunday's. I watch it right before bed. I was sitting on the couch in some shorts and a tshirt. When I'm at home I don't wear underwear. So kassie, my step daughter, was showering while I watched my show. She got done and usually walks to her room past the doorway to the living room wearing just a towel. Can't see anything so I don't bother.

Well she heard the show playing and she came in still in her towel. She said, "How far into it is it?" I said, "Like 15 minutes. I can rewind it if you want to watch." She said, "Yeah that would be cool." She sat down wearing her towel. I started it over and we watched. We got about halfway done and she stood up to fidget with her toes. She said, "I painted my toenails. Like them?" She put her foot up on the table and showed off a deadpool paint job she had done. In the process her towel became too loose and fell to the ground.

She was embarrassed at first but then noticed I was looking her over. I said, "You know I never realized how beautiful you have become." She became calm and said, "You think so?" I said, "Absolutely. You are pretty hot. How often do you work out now?" She said, "Four times a week." She was now standing. I had her spin around. I grabbed her naked ass and looked it over. I said, "Yes. You have a nice, firm amazing ass." I had her turn towards me. "Nice firm big b******. Ah, you don't shave?" She said, "Nah. I'm not like mom. She doesn't like hair. I think it shows maturity." I said, "Not to be a party pooper but you are starting to give me a problem." She said, "What do you mean?" I pointed to my c*** and she said, "Oh that. Lol sorry. Can I see?" I said, "See what?" She said, "Your c***." I stood up. She took off my shorts. I was fully erect. She said, "Yep. You do have a problem. A big problem." I feel like she was being nice. I'm about 7.5 inches hard.

I said, "If your mom walks in and sees us naked like this she will flip." She said, "So let's go into my room then." We went into her room. Locked the door and turned on some music. She pushed me into her bed and got on top of me

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  • I feel like this is fake but tbh, f****** hot l****

  • Troll!

  • You absolutely have got to do this.....

  • Make the most of it, enjoy your time long as you both agree and both of you want it .

  • Go on...

  • And then nothing happened?!?

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