Exposing **

I like to go out without bra and **.. one day I purposefully went out without a bra and pulled my top down so that others can peep on my **! I exposed my ** a little too. I felt relieved when people saw my **. It was a feel good moment and decided to go out without bra hereafter.

Next Confession

I really shouldn't, but I do.

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  • My wife doesn't even own a bra or **. Her Mother didn't either, as a found our one day when she was getting up off the couch. I also saw her sister a couple of times, she never wears any either. Her whole family is that way, not sure why but it is sometimes interesting.

  • I hate wearing a bra.. but have to at school

  • Just wear a loose blouse and you can get by without wearing a bra. Try it. You'll feel very ** and aroused doing it.

  • I'm sorry but no one with half a brain cares!

  • I very seldom wear a bra at any time for my 35C ** are very firm and don't sag at all. I am 23 years old and attend college here in Spokane Washington full time and carry a full load.

  • I know where I'd love to dump my full load ;).

  • Do you take the full load?

  • I love doing this. I walk around my apartment half naked most of the time because I know the people in the neighboring building can see. Or go out in public without a bra and have "oops" moments were my strapless top happens to fall down. It is so **. So I know how you feel.

  • I wish you lived near me. I'd perve on your ** and ** all day long. I LOVE seeing a braless woman.

  • Same for me. You rule!

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