Three times self-gratification

Three times in the last three days I have given into m*********** while waking up in the morning. At first I was only giving into it because I needed something that would get me out of bed or fully wake me up, instead I fell into temptation of sin and gave into my pursuit in pleasure. Again, I feel so dirty in having to pursuing erotic pleasure of an obscene method, even after I made a promise to God to never again give into such a disgusting habit. I hope that the lord will find it in his heart to forgive me as I repent for my sins and work to disiplining myself into fighting over the temptation of self-gratification. Thank you for hearing me out.

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  • I love it that you worship a god that tortures you for doing something natural. If it didn't want you to do that why would have it given you such strong urges? What kind of a god is that?

  • dude, I beat off like 3 times a day. see you in h***.

  • Confess to your priest, fool, nobody here cares.



  • Honestly, how is this a sin? Like, what the f***? You're whacking off, not raping and eating f****** toddlers.

  • Sorry, but I actually feel bad about this post.
    To each their own religiously, but I feel as if some religions restrict their followers too much. There's nothing wrong with masturbating; it's not like you had three one-night stands. It's an entirely different situation, and I apologize that you feel guilty for doing something completely natural.
    I hope someday you realize that.

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