Is this ok

I cheated on my girlfriend, the love of my life, it was only for a small brief happenstance at night, but non the less i cheated, the person with, an ex of mine whom we both thought we were over each other. We both stopped and agreed it was wrong, i left shortly thereafter, and told my girl friend right away, it killed me to see her in pain but she agreed to give us another go, i've never seen problems in cutting for a reason, and this seemed like a good one, i cut the word loyalty onto my left arm and the word cheater on my right, i've always responded to physical punishment better mentally so this seemed fitting, ive made it my choice to repeat this every 7 days to make it semi permanent, is it ok that i dont find a problem with this, that injuring myself has always granted a better response from myself mentally? It helps me recognize what ive done wrong and to understand i need to stop.

Apr 2, 2016

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  • Hopefully you will never cheat again from your pain but extreme reminder.

  • Neither one is okay. So everytime she looks at your arms she is reminded of you indiscretion as well and any lover that comes after her, you're going to have to explain to them. Stop self harm. Look, you admitted it and she forgave you. Stop punishing yourself. Stop cutting into yourself. You want to do therapy ..write in a journal or talk to a therapist. Stop cutting. The wound will never heal, because you will always have a scar that reminds you that you cheated. Not the reason behind why...

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