I want to Kill my father

I hate my father with all my heart we used to have a good relationship but now I feel like he really wants me to know he hates me. he beats yells at me the only time he talks to me is to tell me to do something or yells at me. I cant take it I really am considering taking my sword and cutting him down in a painful death no matter the punishment. the hatred I have for him is unbearable

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  • I hate both my parents and want them to die in painful ways

  • Go and make some friends. You sound like a kid I went to school with. Especially the "sword" comment. He ended up in a crazy house.

  • Sorry that you are being abused. Instead of killing him, why don't you call the police on him and have him arrested. This will save you any jail time. If you are a child, let another adult at home or school know what is happening to you or call 1-8004ACHILD (national child abuse hotline) and get help. Be well now and let us know how you're doing.

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