I lied about it

Ok so last December i got married. night before my bride-to-be sent me a stripper/h***** who offered dances, bj, and a f***. said it was my last night of freedom present. i thought it was cool at first but then i realized she probably only did that so she could get f***** by her own stripper/escort. which she did. several times. all night and into our wedding day. (far as i know they still get together to f***.) i sent my gift stripper/h***** home without touching her hoping that my bride would refrain too. and then i lied to her about f****** my stripper/h***** and said she was great. did that so my bride would feel better about her own liaisons. now i hate myself. also......i hate my wife for doing that to me. HATE her ass.

Apr 11, 2016

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  • Agree with the comment below - tell the truth and talk with her. If your marriage is worth saving, you need to deal with this now. But do you actually know for sure that your wife slept with her escort/stripper or anyone else? It seems that there's a lot of assuming happening and no real proof. You need to ask her what's happening and make it clear that you are not in an open marriage. And why would she start cheating on you on/near your wedding day on not while you were dating? You definitely need to talk to her...

  • Tell her the truth and openly discuss the topic without placing the blame on her, but rather revealing your feelings... you resent her now, because you've been suppressing this for so long. Get it off your chest.

  • Okay, so why are you still with her?

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