I was chillin with my friends at one of my friend's yacht and the toilets in boats can be pretty weird bc the slightest bit of tissue can chock the damn toilet .I didnt know how to use the toilet and all ,i thought its like how we usually use it on land .There was no bin so i threw the tissues in the toilet bowl and IT COULDNT FLUSH AND THE WATER KEEPS COMING UP AND I WAS FREAKING OUT SO I PUT MY HAND IN THE TOILET BOWL THAT HAD TRACES OF MY PEE IN IT AND TRY TO GRAB ALL THE REMAINING TISSUES OUT AND WHEN I DID , I DIDNT KNOW WHERE TO PUT ALL THE TISSUES THAT I GRABBED SO I HID IT IN A RANDOM CABINET .I know how to operate the toilets now but i was never discovered heehe

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  • A marine toilet (water closet) is nothing to be messes with. Dad had a sail boat with one of the ornery ole toilets on board and he always stated never put anything in the toilet unless you have eaten it first and he always told everyone that who went sailing with us. One day a friend of mine wens sailing and dad told her that to and I didn't know about her being on the rag and she tried to flush a tampon down the toilet and it plugged up the toilet so bad dad litterly had to tear it apart and the plumbing all the way to the treatment unit and it took him like three hours and everyone on board could hear him cuss the person that didn't follow his rules about using the ornery ole toilet and I found out about Linda being on the rag and I told her to wrap it up in toilet paper and put it in the waist bucket not in the toilet and she never did it again. That night at dinner dad had what was left of the tampon on a plate and said some3 one needs to eat this before using the toilet again, Linda puked and went running topside and dad said now he knew who the culprit was who plugged the toilet and went in and told her not to worry she didn't have to eat it but NO MORE PLEASE and Linda said don't worry now I know how to dispose of them aboard the boat and the rest of the trip was uneventful.

  • Haha your dad rules!!!!!

  • .......nasty.....sick...............disgusting....

  • Eewe!

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