Should I Do It?

Hi there,i'm a 24 year old straight guy and i have something to ask anyone who will answer.I have many great friends in my life and one who i have known since we were 3.He came out as gay about 2 years ago and i've supported him 100% of the way.In a conversation we had about 3 months ago when we were out for the night,he happened to mention that he was still a virgin(which i did know by the way,but i never asked him) and wanted his first time to be with a straight guy(his fantasy).
I have to admit that i am slighty curious about what it would be like to f*** another guy.Should i do it and fulfill his fantasy and my curiousity at the same time?Or do you think it would be wrong to do so?Please can someone give me some advice?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • why are you letting your friend make up your mind for you, don't listen to these people , don't do what you are curisous , i am a little curious about hurting my ex wife , but it is still wrong......

  • lol. don't do it!! if you're gonna do it, do it with someone else.
    banging your buddy out is gonna make your relationship with him all screwed up. seriously. you'll regret it.

  • I am curious if we can get an update on this later. Think you can reference this in some new post later on? Its hard to find posts once they fade back past 20 or so pages. That or they just go dead.

  • tbh it may effect your friendship. so make sure you take that into consideration.

  • You are gay! but that's ok, I like gay people.

  • do it; you are curious, after all.

    i'm pretty curious myself, but am unable to find any chicks i really want to experiment with :(

  • ^Agreed. The OP is an adult who can rise above those labels if he wishes.

    Its okay to be curious. Once it's satisfied you can really admit what you like. Even if you confirm you are hetro it doesn't mean you can't have a fun time. So make an evening of it. Have dinner, watch something, talk about it and set rules and try to think of what might hurt your friendship, or make it better.

    Your friend is putting a lot of trust in you and you have to trust yourself about what may happen. Talk about a rule that if you freak out its just what it is. An irrational reaction. So even if the deed doesn't happen hopefully you'll both be the best of friends.

    So is this a reach around situation too? Is he a true virgin then? I'm just musing now. Best of luck!

  • As long as you admit to yourself you are curious and maybe even bi. Don't get all hypocritical on us.

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