Fantasy and fantasies ... so much fantasy here. But it's fun!

Jul 12, 2020

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  • There's something really wrong with all you people.

  • Tell us more, pedo scum!

  • Why you say that. Me illiterate angry black man with nothing to say. Bill Cosby. You are killing me. White people. *sob* You have one day to live. White women. Duh duh duh.

  • I love it. Makes my thoughts and fantasies feel normal

  • Agreed

  • Exactly! True fantasys rather than safe ones!!

  • Keep telling yourself that, it's the only reason you havent killed urself

  • F*u*c*k you. You are boring with same old insults. Can't you think of any new to say? Pisd to raw confessions where you belong

  • Boo hoo hoooo, u don't even know who I am loser
    I will keep saying n e thing I want =>

  • Yeah and you are obviously a abuse victim. You need help

  • Would a healthy person be hanging around this site? Answer NOW.

  • Maybe like me he is blocked there!

  • Lol

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