I've always had a fantasy where I want to watch my wife f***** another guy. I was married to her for 20 years before I found the guts to tell her. I kept asking her during s** if she would tell me her fantasy. She always told me she didn't have any and then asked me to tell her mine. I kept telling her that she really didn't want to know what mine was. It went on like this for some time until I finally asked her if she really wanted to know. She said yes, so I blurted it out. "I want to watch you f*** another guy". She didn't say anything during, but later told me she wasn't interested in f****** another guy. Several times now since that night I have asked her if she wanted me to talk dirty to her, and every time she has said "yes, tell me your fantasy". So I'm not sure if she really does want to f*** another guy and is just to scared to say it, or if she really doesn't want to. I've asked her several times afterwards and she always says "no, I don't want to".

Dec 16, 2016

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  • Make very sure this is something you can handle once you have set it up. For years my husband wanted to watch me with another man. I told him over and over I wasn't interested, I finally gave in and said ok if you are sure its what you want I will do it for you. He set everything up , he found a guy that was ok with being watched while he f***** me. The night came I asked if he was sure , he nervously and excitedly said yes.

    Here we are all three naked , this man, touching me , kissing me and running his fingers over my p**** while my husband sits watching.I notice my husband isn't hard and not even touching himself , he is just watching. The man asks me to suck him, I go down on my knees, look at my husband and ask again " are you sure?" he nods yes. I start sucking his c*** , the guy has both hands on my head as I blow him. Finally he pulls me up on the bed, at this point I realize my husband left the room . I should have stopped but I let the guy f*** me finishing him off by sucking and jerking him off, letting him c** on my face and t*** (part of my husband's fantasy). The man left, my husband came in fully dressed looked and me and said " go shower, this never happened, don't ever bring it up!) Somethings should stay a fantasy!

  • Too bad. If I was him I would have taken you then...c** and all

  • It took my wife years to admit she wanted to have s** with other men. Finally she tried it and now there is no stopping her. Over the last four years she has averaged f****** eight men per year. It has really perked up our s** life. Sometime she goes solo other times she dp's them with me helping out.

  • Update... I kept asking my wife if she wanted to f*** another guy, but she kept telling me no. So I waited until one night when she was horned as f*** and right before I went to slide my d*** in her, I stopped. I told her I wouldn't f*** her unless she told me the truth. Then I asked her again. She told me that she does but only if I want to. I told her I did and she said ok but not anyone we know and not around here. She told me we have to go on vacation and then she would f*** a stranger in front of me. Now, where to go on vacation that gives us the best chance of finding a guy willing to f*** my wife in front of her husband?

  • Vegas

  • Mine admitted in the end that she wanted to but only with very young and very hung guys and like yours only when away from home on holidays or long weekends;I have to be in the room or the en-suit so nothing gets rough or out of control,I never join in until he leaves when she totally satisfied,this happens once or twice a year for the past 15 years she now 52 and still slim and attractive,it's amazing watching a young 17-18 year old with 8-9" of hard as steel c*** and loads of enthusiasm nailing her,not much finesse in the lovemaking just usually hard brutal banging but that's what she craves big time,she c*** very quickly and very often usually 7-8 big climaxes in a half hour f*** session as clitty is very very sensitive,after the guy goes I eat clitty like I've been starved and she c*** even quicker as I chew and bite it,then she needs her a***-hole f***** as she friggs her s***** with her free hand,this year she is looking for the ultimate 12" c*** as so far has had mine 7" and quite a few 8"+ young ones and then the one big one in Crete few summers back of 10" with 6" circumference which made her whimper and spill real tears,but she took it all and now craves the ultimate 12"

  • Good luck, hope it works out well. My wife recently admitted that she would and my best friend f***** her as I watch. We all had a great night

  • As tomorrow is Christmas Eve I have arranged to go to a swingers club as a treat. I have looked at the reviews and it looks like a good place. It doesn't allow single men only couples

  • What a Christmas eve, I was f***** by 5 men as hubby watched, then I watched him f*** 2 woman. The only reason he f***** 2 was he likes chubby women.

  • Yes she really does but does not want to admit it. Be careful if she does. Make sure you want that. There is no going back. I'm living it.

  • Can you tell us more about your situation?

  • Was it your idea or your wife's? Do you like it or are you wanting to stop?

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