Omegle girl better than my gf

My girlfriend was having a nap and I was h**** so I went on omelet and after a while I came across this totally hot girl with big t***. I asked her straight up if she wanted to watch me c** while my gf was sleeping. So gasped and dropped her phone and typed yes and then when I stood up and showed her my hard c*** she moaned and shoved her hand down her pants and told me she wanted me to shoot more c** for her than I do my my gf. I started masturbating and she was fingering like crazy and telling me dirty things.. Eventually I told her I we about to spurt and she said she wanted to see me taste it. My gf was sleeping 2 metres away from me and this hot blonde lifted up her top and opened her mouth as I shoot my huge load of c**.. But I was surprised when it blasted into my open mouth!!! As soon as I tasted my c** I was super h**** and was spurting me like crazy. She began c****** very loudly and said she wanted to be my cumslut. My gf called out and asked what I was doing and I slammed the laptop closed and told her nothing and ran to the bathroom with c** dripping of my face. I still dream about that hot girl and I often try to find her on omegle. My gf has no idea

Apr 12, 2016

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  • Omg that made me so wet.. I want to find you

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