Busted a nut in friends food

I have a female colleague that I'm friends with but secretly adore. She came to my house recently. We had a party and she stayed over. Next morning I cooked breakfast. She had a shower and breakfast was cooked and waiting. I was feeling h**** and had the idea to c** in her food. I wanked my c*** and spurted a massive load of thick hot c** onto her breakfast (eggs). I could see it but it sort if blended in. She came out if shower and ate it. When she went to cut the eggs, my stringy wad hung off the fork. She licked it into her mouth. She had a funny look on her face when she tasted it, and she sort of gagged a bit. Then she said she felt sick and I blamed the alcohol from the night before. Hehe.


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  • I had a female boss I hated. One night I was the last one in the office, I took her phone, dropped my drawers and rubbed the mouth piece on my ass crack. I was a hoot to watch her on the phone the next day talking to clients. She kept wrinkling her nose, she couldn't figure out what smelled, she went to the bathroom about 6 times to brush her teeth. I just imagined she was kissing my ass every time she was on the phone.

  • That's nasty. What kind of a person does that? Look up the definition of trust because you need to know what it means.

  • Nothing says I care like a load of sperm in her eggs....well played sir


  • She will never eat at your house or trust you again

  • W*** chef is a sicko.

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