Pantie fetish

What color and style panties are you wearing today, ladies.



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  • Black lace thong

  • What are panties?

  • My good old black period undies.

  • Red bikini.

  • Gray Calvin Kline thong

  • I didn't wear any to church this morning. ;-)

  • White. I'm only wearing them because I need to do laundry after work. I'm paranoid about stains when I wear white ones.

  • Commando

  • Period panties. Dark blue bikini. That time if the month. :'-(

  • Cool.. 's good you aren't pregnant..

  • I'm wearing my cookie monster undies.

  • Gray thong

  • I'm not wearing undies today. ;-)

  • V.s. rio style solid color

  • But what color? :)

  • Navy blue

  • Stripped bikini

  • Black thong.

  • Silly strings don't count as panties fool.. Try again..

  • My wonder women underoos. Shut up. They're cool.

  • I love my wonder woman underoos. :-)

  • Pink boy shorts.

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