Get addicted to p********** please! I confess that when I was only six or seven I saw my first Playboy and I was totally fascinated to the point that I masturbated at least five times per day. I know that sounds exaggerated, but it's true. I beat off at every available moment. It took nothing hardly to turn me on and I could not control myself. While I was working or in school and got h**** I simply couldn't wait to be alone and j*** myself off. I got h******'s too easily. I wasn't just becoming addicted to more p********** but to just about any media or live events where there was even a remotely attractive woman. I have looked up on the Internet and many people have this problem but do not tell. As an adult I have finally realized the addiction and its effects. I can only imagine how difficult it would be nowadays if I were Younger. Heck there are scanned and practically full nudity is everywhere. I've been happily married and the old love this but I would hate to have any one fall into this problem. I thought it was so great at the time. I could literally feel my ability to o***** grow practically after releasing and I just kept wanting more. According to my reading this actually affects more women than men as maturity sets in. This can lead to all kinds of mixed feelings of retraction and humiliation. And yes I was caught jacking many times-not a pretty picture with schoolgirls and college students laughing at you. I hope my mistakes and confession will help somebody and perhaps stop somebody from going down this path

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Addiction to s** is on the same level as addiction to drugs or gambling. There is usually a deeper issue than the s**/o*****

  • I agree with most of this-just avoid as much as possible. Pornographic movies, etc. never really did it for me & not even real hard-core. But I was aroused so easily and early that simple playmate photos blew my mind. If I remember right my first o***** was around 6 or 7, but my actions posted were very accurate by the time I was 9 for certain. Just a cheerleader on television and I had to Shapiro at my earliest convenience I think with women/girls if they indeed expanding such "actions" some form of abuse usually takes place at a young age also. But that definitely wasn't the case with me-it just happened & I'm not proud. I fully admit that I couldn't have overcome this without great strides in maturity and Christianity. Still, I admit I would have needed serious counseling or something if I was the same way & in today's promiscuous world. I am glad not to be-thanks for replying

  • Sexual curiosity will always lead to a sexual response or output. Its just how you begin to learn about s**. It happens when someone won't take the time to do it for the sake of the kid.

    Adult film and pictures (its not all p*** really) are so easy to access on the internet its kinda hard to keep it away from children. The best you can do is to warn them that it IS on there, but that its nudity, but fake. Its not what real love and s** can be.

    OP, yes, 6 is WAY TOO EARLY! It should be a NEW idea thats taught in the health classes by the time the girls start into puberty. The boys might start later physically but that brain is hardwired to learn about it then.

    I don't know if I am an exception but after seeing sooo muuuch p*** (and yes, p*** this time) that it kinda.. rolls off of me. It just doesn't affect me. Its boring. Its annoying. Its just more spam.

    In the end, thanks for your advice but people have to learn by their own mistakes to value the lesson. Then in retrospect they will realize your wisdom but for now let them just m*********. Its the safest s** there is.

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