Why i am here

It seems that I am addicted to ConfessinPost. Have to stop here before close eyes.

Feb 7

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  • Nah, don't worry over it. That's likely not truly an addiction, but just something that relaxes you or distracts you from the more personal (to you) worries of the day. It's probably not consuming time you should be devoting to truly important matters, but just occupies time you might spend on TV or books or periodicals. Or (yuck) cleaning house. Relax. If you find that are spending what you consider an excessive amount of time here, go buy yourself a cheap electronic timer and set it each night for an amount of time you consider appropriate, and when the alarm sounds, shut down the site and GO TO BED. DO NOT PASS "GO". DO NOT COLLECT $200. GO DIRECTLY TO BED. you're not an addict. you're fine. Really.

  • 😁😁😁😅

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