Pub toilets

Two weeks after my boyfriend cheated on me and dumped me, i was in a pub with some friends and as night got further and further on i got chatted uo by this one fit bloke with his mates nearby, we went outside for smoke and i knew more than one them were touching me up, but had no idea how the night would go, me and this one guy started making out and soon after he led me to the mens toilets where we then went into the cubical together, i sucked him off ans he f***** me against the wall till he was about to c** and i swallowed his load, before i could get my clothes sorted he opened the door and left followed by one his mates coming in, he then f***** me till he came again in my mouth, and then as he left his last two remaining friends barged intogether and they too had me, in the same cubical, it was very tight and cosy but they both f***** me at ether end till they too came this time with the first one cuming on my face while the other f***** me and then he left and then the last guy f***** me with his mates c** still on my face till he shot his load all over my t***, by the time i managed to sneak out they had all gone from the pub and my friends all asked where i was, i must been in there an hour getting f***** by 4 guys i have not seen since.

Apr 23, 2016

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  • What ur bra size

  • You are amazing girl :*

  • I would wanna chat with you... connect with me on

  • You are an amazing, amazing woman. I love your attitude and your openness. I wish you were my wife. I really do.

  • Have confessed to other things iv done aswell?

  • Would love to chat with you. connect with me on

    <3 <3 <3

  • Bet you looked like a right little stunning s*** dresses in that leather getting fuckes by guys you didnt know? how old are you?

  • Im 19 and i dont know the age all the guys but i know they were older, yea im finding guys like me wearing leather xxx

  • Yeah i love a dirty girl like you dressed in leather, do you wear it when your in the mood to be a s***? what other adventures have you had?

  • I just posted my latest adventure, i done a first today xxxx

  • Mmmm, I only wish I was there to give you my c*** too! What sort of underwear did you have on with this very sexy sounding outfit?

  • The mood i was in! i would taken any other d*** had it walked in! hehe my underwear? matching white beaded thing with white beaded strapless bra

  • Ohh damn! Where are you from?? Sounds so hot, my mind is racing!!! ;) x

  • Im from woking in the uk lol anything else you want to know?

  • Any condoms used?

  • Nope hehe

  • That's so hot

  • Hot s***, what were u wearing?

  • Leather skirt denim jacket white lace top

  • What were your wearing on your feet?

  • Ankle boots x

  • Describe them and how short was your skirt?

  • Black platforms with studs, my leather skirt was just above my knee with high studded waist band

  • Fully clothed as they f***** you?

  • Yea kinda, everything stayed on just my top, bra and skirt was round my waist

  • Fantastic let's hope it happens again

  • Yea me too was very hot! better c**** that my exs

  • Wot other people have u been banged by

  • Read my latest, "my exs friends"

  • U r surely the hottest and the h******* girl... 4 different d**** within short span of time...!!!

  • I know right? i love it

  • I'm loving it too

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