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I can't just buy a few brochures and 1 or 2 products and they make it sound so easy you can get this or that. sorry but I don't want to go to New York, I want to go to Paris anyway and I will snub my nose up at the offer sals. the products are great but the company and owners and managers sux. I like nutrimet products but their are a lot of problems for me, I am a single woman never been married with a unseen disability with no job and no car and I don't have a credit card to whip out when all the promotional gift products are up for grabs, I need a wealthy husband to keep me active in the company. I envy mums with kids and cars and houses and hubbies with money to lavish on them let alone the s**. its not that easy getting customers and a client base and they make it sound like you can get a car and holiday like magic and I don't believe it. no NY please. just no ! I want to sell well but no NY when my love is beckoning in the other direction. my manager is not really nice and I need someone who wants to help me for fun and I don't want to be hooked up with some j***. I want a nice man who makes me feel good and comfortable, someone caring and supportive, sals could not even be nice about the fashion show to help me do a table up! cant say "that is a good step or start" and I don't even want her there, I will get other ladies to help me, if you are gonna be so naggy about what I have to say to sell. maybe I don't have the talent to sell like you. the passion is not there maybe. no NY nutrimet life thanks.

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  • What a pathetic little dumbshit...

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