The agreement

So I've been married to my wife for 8 years. Our s** life is pretty standard. Sometimes once a week. Sometimes once a month. Just depends on HER mood. I m********* just about every day. I'm not for certain but estimate she masturbates once or twice a week.

She has professed to not masturbating very often at all. Well, one day I only worked a half day. Normally I tell her when I'm done and then head home. This time I just headed on home. I walked in and headed back to the den in the back of the house. It's where she normally hangs out. She was there but what I saw was certainly shocking. She had some amateur wife f**** bbc p*** on the tv. She had a chair from the kitchen in the middle of the room. She was completely naked. She had a 10 inch suction cup d**** attached to the chair and she was f****** herself silly.

I wasn't mad at all. I was turned on. A lot. She admit to having 3-4 d*****/vibrators. She also admit that she masturbates every day.

So fast forward to about 3 months ago. She wanted to stop at a s** shop and wanted me to go with her. She wanted some lube and a toy that she could use while we have s**. We were looking around at various things. She picked out the toy she had gone to get, the lube, a new vibrator and then started looking at some strap ons.

I immediately said, "Didn't know you were attracted to women." She said, "Oh. Well, I've done my share of eating p****. Not recently of course. I would never say no to getting mine eaten out. That's not what I would get that for anyway." I said, "Well then what for?" She said, "I'd use this on you." I said, "What makes you think I would be down for that?" She said, "Just want to try something different. Tell you what. You let me use this on you and you can f*** me in the ass anytime you want." I said, "Ok deal but I want first go. If you don't like it then you don't get to use that on me." She said, "Ok fair enough."

May 1, 2016

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  • So keep us all updated, was it good?

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