Cold Steel Through Flesh...

Cold steel through flesh, warmth floods over my body and serenity takes me.

I am addicted to cutting. A lot of people don't understand such addictions auomatically labeling people such as myself as 'emo'. I do not, however, feel that we can be so loosely grouped together. I don't cut myself where people can see it nor do I tell people about, it is a very private aspect of my life. Yet I know that anyone that found out about it would immediately brand me an attention seeker. This is not the the case, I cut, for no reason other than because it feels f****** amazing.

As the blade slide through my skin a feeling of peace grips me instantly and I feel like a weight has been taken off me. I can't describe how it feels in words, so if you don't know the feeling, you won't understand what I'm talking about, if you do know then you'll know why after 2 years of not cutting the thought still plagues me everyday. Why I'm still compelled to take steel to flesh, I'm trying so hard to beat this addiction but honestly, I don't think I want to...

Jun 5, 2012

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  • I used to cut a lot. It would relieve my pains I went to consueling and came to terms with the pain i was or thought i was releashing. It is a cry for help. Now that ive stopped I get so embarrassed when people point at my scars and ask What happened. Get help.

  • Victims of my bs? You obviously haven't experienced addiction. And I didn't do this for attention, I did it to possibly strike a conversation with someone that is in or has been in a similar situation. But Instead I cop your abuse you decide to go around looking at online forums hoping to find somewhere to belittle somebody whose life you know nothing about.

  • Secondly, the reason these forums are full of stories like these is because people can be honest whilst retaining anonymity. But apparently nowhere is safe from persecution by people who lack the mental capacity to understand anything beyond the censored dogma of mass media because if you see it on tv it must be true. Fucken idiot.

  • Yes I did tell one person, my fiancee and I guess even idiots are entitled to an opinion and if that is your opinion I'lll respect your right to freedom of speech, now you'll respect mine. I would appreciate it if you would refrain from contaminating my life with your unfounded criticism of a person you don't even know. It's arrogant, judgemental human trash like yourself that is dragging the progression
    of our society backwards.

    I didn't respond with the intent of gaining attention, I've just grown tired of uneducated Neanderthals pretending to know everything because ash, you don't. And let's face it, your life sucks so you make it you mission to ensure everyone else's does too.

  • So weird ... everyone posting about cutting ALWAYS say something to the effect of "nobody knows I cut", "I don't tell anyone" "I hide it" ... yet these kind of forums are full of it. And you guys/girls ALWAYS have someone in real life you do tell, or reveal your scars to accidentally on purpose.

    You are not getting the attention or pity you so desire from these poor victims of your BS any more, so you turn to online forums like this to solicit the attention and pity you so desire. And yes, by replying I am giving you attention, albeit negative, but beggars can't be choosers can they?

    I didn't respond with the intent of granting your wish for attention, I've just grown tired of the self-harming attention whores.

  • ^This guy gets it. Do you, attention wh0re OP? Or have you finally done the world a favor and hit an artery? Fvck outta here with your self-righteous defensive crap. You're a little emo, end of. If you're still alive, that is.

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