Lifeguard and changing room

The other week, i did something im not proud off but really enjoyed, so i go to gym and swimming since xmas at first with two my friends and now just one and now its fading into just me and now just swimming at our local pool, iv changed to last swim of the day! so pools open late, always seen this lifeguard there and he is so hot but im 29 and he must be barely 20 but hes always been looking my way, anyway i was one last in the pool got out to used the toilet and forgot to lock it, he walked in all embarrised and such and luckly my deed was done but i was putting my bottoms back on, i walked out, he said sorry asked if i was alone and no friends this time blah blah, chatted for abit, as he could not keep his eyes off my b****, anyway finished part of my swim but was very h**** so got out early went to changing rooms had quick shower, knew he was in the area still and left the door open and sure enough he was there soon enough, he stopped looked at me and smiled, i smile back and toop my swim top off showing him my b******, his jaw dropped and i invites him over with my finger, he came in the family cubical i was in and grabbed both my b****** and began sucking at my nipples, i didnt even know this guys name and his tougue was all over my b****, his finger went into my bottoms and he started fingering me, i returned the faver and bent over to pull his rock hard pretty big d*** out his shorts and wrapped my lips round it, this then turned into him putting his d*** inbetween my t*** and tittyfucking me, as i would lick the tip his c*** as it came near my mouth, he then perched me up onto the babychanging table opened my legs and slid his d*** into me, he said he disnt have a condoms and i said just get your c*** in me! his d*** felt good as he rubbed my p**** as he f***** me, we changed position and i leaned over as he put his hand around my neck and the other on my breast as he did me from behind, i had a massive o******, he had to cover my mouth with his hand, as i was done legs still weak and shaking i let his t****** me till her came all over my b******, he sneaked out and i had a shower, again!

May 2, 2016

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  • Ever see him by side pool

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