I came on my wifes best friend

My wife and her friend who I am close to and have known since college went to an outdoor music festival, They got home very late and both passed out with in minutes, My wife's friend is a chubby girl but oozes s** appeal.
I woke up when my wife flopped down in bed, I heard a noise, got up and saw her friend passed out on the couch, She was making noises in her sleep and I walked over to her, she was on her back and I could see the outline of her huge b**** through her button up pyjama top, As I stood there she squeezed her huge b**** together and undid the buttons open on her top, I froze standing there thinking she would open her eyes and freak out but she didn't, She just laid there squeezing them.
She was laying there with her huge, Beautiful b**** out, She hooked her fingers in her waist band and pulled her pyjama pants down over her round bum, Over her big thighs and pulled them to her knees, She ran her hands over her hips, spreading her knees, exposing her very nice, pink p**** and making her pants slide to her ankles.
I stood there with my heart beating so fast and hard I thought she would hear it, She kept massaging her b**** and pinching her nipples pulling them lightly and I watched her b**** jiggle every time her nipple would slip from between her fingers letting her b*** fall.
After a few seconds she took a deep breath and moaned while breathing out, She took one hand and running her hand across her thigh slid it down to her p****, She left one hand playing with her nipples while she started rubbing her bald, pink p****, I gave up trying to resist and pulled my underwear down and started stroking my self, She kept going and she started breathing heavier and faster until all of a sudden she shoved two fingers inside herself, Tensed up and squeezed her bum muscles lifting her hips off the couch, her legs shook a bit then she moaned and went limp flopping back on the couch with her legs spread.
She adjusted her head a bit then moaned and within seconds was snoring lightly, I stood there stroking my self and reached down with one hand, I lightly touched her nipple and she didn't move, I softly massaged her b**** and brushed my fingers across her hard nipples, When I was almost done I took her hand by the wrist and slowly lifted it wrapping her soft fingers around my large c***, I put my hand around hers and used her hand to finish myself off as I came on her stomach and huge b****, I laid her hand beside her beautiful body and leaned over her face, I squeezed out the last few drops of c** letting them fall on her lips, She licked her lips, Swallowed, Smiled and moaned softly.
I got a damp cloth and wiped her off, Found her bra and broke the clasp on it hoping that in the morning she would have no choice but to not wear a bra which worked perfectly.
I woke my wife in the morning and pounded her then got up and went to start the coffee, Her friend was laying on her back, Still with her pants at her ankles and her top still open with her p**** and b**** exposed, I went back to the bedroom and told my wife, She went and woke her friend and I could hear them talking, Her friend said "Oh, God...I think I had a s** dream last night, I must have done this then", my wife told her I saw everything and when we were left alone later that morning while my wife went for a shower she was sitting in the chair across from me on the deck and she turned beet red then looked at me and said "I am so sorry about this morning", I could feel myself turning red which surprised me and I looked at her and said "its ok", she looked at me with her head tilted to the side and said "Why are you all red", I looked at her and said "Um...I am sorry", She said "For what", I told her that I was asleep and woke up when I heard her and my wife come in, I told her I was laying in bed and heard her making whimpering sounds and got out of bed to make sure everything was ok and saw her with her hand in her pants, I told her I was sorry but I watched her undress and m********* on the couch then pass out, she stared at me, face beet red but with her nipples rock hard and sticking straight out, She was shocked and at a loss for words, I apologized repeatedly and she sat with her face in her hands, Finally she looked up at me and said "So...You...watched me", I nodded my head then looked at her and apologized again, she looked at me and said "No...I am sorry', I went for it and said "You have nothing to apologize for", She said "Um...you didn't do anything wrong, You just woke up...Any guy would have watched...You aren't to blame", I blurted out "I shouldn't have watched you, I should have just left the room but your body is so amazing, Your b**** are beautiful and your p**** and you looked so hot doing it, I haven't stopped thinking about it" then I looked at her and said "Wow...that was inappropriate...I'm sorry".
We talked a bit longer and stopped when my wife returned, I love that she knows what I think of her body.

Jul 20, 2016

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  • I think any guy would have done the same or more i don't know if i wouldn't of tasted to her yummy p---y i think she will give you a special prize next time lap it up hot story

  • You took advantage of her. Touching her, c****** on her.. you're a douche.

  • That girl was not sleeping

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