I stole

I'm not a normal kid. I've always been a loner and I'm fine with that. I always have been. So I find my friends and enjoyment in videogames. Pretty normal this age. Well I had this friend who got a new game. He loved it. So after awhile I grew bold and do something I thought I'd never do.I stole from my mom. Her credit card to be exact. She didn't notice. So next month I did it again. And after time it grew more and more and more often. And I spent more and more money. I got caught. It was bound to happen. But after the purchases I buried the guilt and never thought about it again. Now though I'm full of guilt. Shes a great mom. Kind. Fun. But strict and firm. No complaints. But I broke her trust and her heart. That was a month ago. Yesterday I did it again. I bought fifteen bucks worth of stuff. She knows. And just like before the guilt is back, but now it's mixed with sadness. I was just starting to repair our relationship, and I lied about buying this time. She'll figure out that it was me. I wish I never made those decisions. But I just can't help myself

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  • Steal from your friends and you'll end up alone. Stealing could wind you up. Jail. Stealing from your mom is messed up. Read a book, go out hiking, don't become hostage to online gaming.

  • Being a loner is one thing, being a criminal is something else. You should be ashamed of yourself from stealing from your mom. I know you're feeling guilty, but you really need to think about this because it seems that it's not stopping you from continuing this very dangerous act. What you're doing has serious consequences. It may be small amounts now, but it could grow in to larger amounts due to greed and because you think it's so easy. And she's being nice now, but she could become very tough and firm and call the police. Would that make you stop? Look if you want to buy something, go and get a job. A part time job at your age would afford you the games you want. And then your mom may not only trust you again but be proud of you.

  • Thanks.

  • Less smartass sarcasm, more listening to your ethical superiors. Evolve, little cretin

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