I think I might wish I never met him. He goes out and meets different women while doing his "job" and also I have to read his stupid posts on confession sites about them...wow. He says he cares for me. Huh. When is going to realize that I believe nothing that comes out of his mouth when he is here. Nothing. I wish I could........it's his fault.
There will always always be someone more attractive than who you are with...but the point is, what do you love and adore about this person,mmmm. Actually be honest with YOURSELF!

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  • How do you know it's about him? You do realise there are billions on people on the planet right?

  • Duh

  • Well you are the idiot that is staying with a playa, and your rudeness was uncalled for

  • He can't be honest with himself, and that's why he can't be honest with you. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this situation, but I'm encouraged that you can see what it is. That will make it easier for you to extricate yourself from it. All best.

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