Am sick of my own sexual desires. People keep telling me it's normal but I don't feel that way. Don't even feel like I can look at attractive women face-to-face. Sick of having "normal" male desires-that's all (EZ for me to say eh?) Not really

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  • In the disance she is beautiful.
    As she gets closer you see the imperfections.
    The wrinkles, the lack of symetry, pimples, facial hair,

    In love and you just don't see 'em

  • Its the polical correctness of the 21C. Just look at the beautiful women and enjoy the view.

    For me F A T is U G L Y so the number of beauties is less.

  • ^ ^ ^ ^LOL Go f*** yourself. . .

    wait. . . .

  • They are natural, just go home and j*******. I am female and have desires alll the time. If I could safely f*** everything out there I would but in order to control these overwhelming desires I m********* 5 times a day. I like that better anyways because it is safer s** and I know how to get myself offf pretty damn good now. In fact I f***** myself five times today.

  • I guess I am a little slow that doesn't make sense to me! I'm not castrated-hmmmm

  • So you don't like the effects of the hormone testosterone. Castration? Though the real problem isn't that.

  • No, I don't bother looking at ugly people or any part of their body-lol that's their problems-lmao

  • so.. you have no issues with ugly people?

  • STFU you stupid, stupid man.

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