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I'll just cut to the chase. Im a 15 year old girl and I have sexual desires to be raped. I know it sounds weird and possibly horrible to some people. I am a little ashamed and self conscious of it. But before you all judge and post mean comments about what a horrible person I am, let me explain myself. First of all, I think I am masochistic (for those of you who don't know what that is look it up. i'm too lazy to explain it.) I really like being yelled at and called bad names and the idea of being hurt. I don't like the pain necessarily, but I just like to be dominated and abused by men. So, that's where the rape desires play in. I am a very submissive person and if I had a boyfriend I would basically do anything he asked. I really like the idea of forced s**. Like a man forcing me to have s** with him and he would hurt me and make me please him. I also think being a s** slave would be hot. Initially, I think this has to do with my neglectful father issues. The weird ones always do have those damn daddy issues.
Oh, and also for the record I would just like to say that I do not approve of rape. I think it is a horrible thing for someone to have to go through. Although, if I am being completely honest, I do find it hot and it turns me on to see a girl being dominated and screaming in pain. But my main point is that I don't wish it upon anyone or think rape victims deserve it.
So, tell me what you think in the comments. If you think I'm a complete freak then feel free to say so. I would really like to know everyone's opinion on this because I really have no clue what to think about it.

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  • Yeah, I'm about the same way. As far back as I can remember I have had the craving to be kidnaped and raped. When grown-ups would tell me horrible stories about little girls my age getting kidnapped or molested, instead of being scared, I'd feel intense jealousy. What was so special about those other girls and not me? It felt like all the other girls my age were having great "horrible" stories of being sexual victims. Why wasn't I one too?

    I stopped closing my blinds all the way. I started keeping my windows a tiny bit open so they weren't locked closed. I started wearing less in my room, hoping I had a Peeping Tom that might like to come in for more. I started experimenting with self bondage-until I almost got caught by my parents.

    After I got a little older I'd take walks alone in dark or scary areas. At parties I'd tell rape jokes and leave my drinks alone as much as I could. I dated selfish jerks and aggressive boys as much as I could. When it finally happened I was P*****, HURT and MAD! That is, until I got home and thought about it.

    When I finally realized I only just got what I had been craving, then I couldn't stop playing with myself while thinking. For me, the waiting and hinting was WORTH IT!

    I didn't marry him (I was only 17!) but I did find and marry a guy that acts and looks normal , but is more like my wants at home.

    Oh, and for the record I would just like to say that I do approve of non-violent rape and wished it was legal and socially acceptable.

  • Um, you approve of "non-violent" rape? That's not rape, that's making love or having s**. If I rape you, it isn't about pleasing you, it is about dominating you and getting my sexual satisfaction at your expense. I may ram my c*** up your a*** without any lubricant, tearing your sphincter and causing you great pain. I may bite your nipples harder than you care to have them bitten. I may rape your mouth, choking you as I thrust my member farther into your throat than you are prepared for and gag you as I e******** deep in your throat. You really need to re-evaluate your naive idea of what rape really is.

  • It seems you're adult now. Lets play?

  • Continuation of last

    I didn't say anything another and during that afternoon the four gays that took me taught me one thing just relax and go with the flow and life is so pleasurable.
    Two days later Ron asked me over again but this time it was just him and Lonnie it was a Saturday and I stayed there all day into the night even fell asleep with Lonnie's c*** in my ass when I awoke I began f****** him till he woak up then he gave me a good f******

  • When I was 13 our neighbors asked me over for a pop one day for it was really hot out and I had been sun bathing so all I had on was my trunks well inside their house it was dark and I could see three guys sitting around then Ron came from the kitchen with a Pepsi in his hand and gave it to me and he put his fingers over mine and I didn't think much of it but when he came up behind me and started in rubbing my shoulders it felt so good I told his so and he bent down and kissed my neck Then his hands went to my b****** and began massaging them and that to felt good to me and I told him so and more kisses to my neck and he started in rubbing my nipples and fire shot throughout my body I about fainted
    my groin ached and I began to squirm and he assured me everything would be ok and I didn't quite know what to think of that but he told me to lay on the floor on my back and he'd give me a massage for I was so tight and I did and everything was so wonderful everything he did to me then he pulled my trunks off and he began rubbing higher and higher on my inner thighs and a few times he touched my a*** but I didn't think much of it till he took his finger and put it in me I started to get up but he kissed my neck again and told me to relax and enjoy all the feelings. His finger went further into me then he began to move it in and out of me and one spot he kept touching made my whole body tingle and I told him and before I knew it his finger was replace buy his c*** and at first it hurt and he kept telling me to relax soon I was pushing back against him and another guy came down and was kissing me all over and when Ron came in me I swear I could feel every squirt of his c** and I loved that feeling then another guy started in f****** me. a bit bigger c*** and I was f****** him back for he was going a lot deeper than Ron and *I liked that didn't take long till he came in me as well but he kept f****** me for the longest time and I was getting a bit sore but didn't say anyt

  • I want you to be my slave/pet. that would be perfect

  • I want a pet slave. that would be perfect.

  • I would f*** you as hard and as dominating as you wanted!! The thought of forced s** really turns me on!

  • There are three primary reasons women (and some men) enjoy being dominated. First, it removes all responsibility you have for the act. You can act like a dirty s*** and not feel guilty because you were `forced` into it. Second, it can be thrilling to (pretend) to be so desired by someone they MUST have you and are willing to break all the rules to do so. Finally, it gives your partner an opportunity to display their raw masculine strength by putting you in a completely submissive position. It is not surprising that this would arouse you.

  • I am really glad there are other people like that! I am 15 and ever since I was like 12 or 13 I felt like the same way and I fantasize about becoming a s** slave but I felt embarrassed about it because I thought no one else was like that!

  • It's pretty common I had a gf in high school who would literally make me break into her house chase her around them hold her down while I f***** her.

  • OMG im so glad you put this. im exactly the same! im 16y/o girl from england and i have never met my father before. i have had rape fantasies since i was around 13 years old. i like feeling pain and i watch BDSM p*** occasionally. i personally love the idea of being tied and restrained, forced to have s** with a man who doesnt care and hurts me, forcing me to take him all in anywhere he wanted. my bf doesnt mind spanking me and has even said he will get a BDSM kit for my birthday :D he knows im kinky. there is nothing wrong with fantasizing about any of that stuff hunny xx
    im a submissive too, im just glad another girl (similar age to me) had the guts to admit it all as well, i generally am attracted to older guys as well though, like 18-50 but definitely not younger than 16, ever. a boy that i dated for a while was a s***** so we had some fun too :D i just guess im a little bit lucky :P thankyou

  • I wish if we were close in distance ;)

  • I wish chicks like you lived near me

  • If you build it...they will come.....

  • Il dominate you x

  • Ok you're a sick freak that should be completely ashamed of herself. Just kidding! There's absolutely nothing abnormal about what you wrote. Clearly you know what masochism is and clearly you have given some thought to what may have caused it in you. Regardless of what caused it it's actually not that uncommon of a female fantasy to be raped. Obviosuly you know the difference between fantasy and reality. When you are old and more aware of yourself and your desires you and a consenting partner whom you trust can explore your fantasies and desires. You have nothing to be ashamed of. I do recommend that you speak to someone (an ault like a counselor or someone) about whatever psychological issues you have. Good luck.

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