My first time cheating 2

I posted the other day about my first time cheating. I stopped after the first time. Tonight I will continue that. But just wanted to say if you want to chat post your email and I'll get in touch.

So after I got off the phone with my boyfriend I went back out of the bathroom and went and laid back down with my new black lover. His name is Marcus by the way. So I went and laid back down beside him. He was still naked he kissed me and I was feeling guilty so I didn't really kiss back we talked after that and I no longer felt bad when I saw him getting hard again. He kissed me deeply and we made out after awhile he kissed his way down to my ** and started to eat me out. He was very skilled making me super wet. After a while he got up and told me to ** his **. I said I don't think I can fit any of it in my mouth he said you will be shocked. So I gave it a go. His ** was as thick as my wrist. I licked him up and down then I put the tip in my mouth and took as much as I could in my mouth. Which was just the head but I stroked him as I ran my tongue over his head. After awhile he pushed my head down making me take more then I could I gagged and thought I was gunna throw up be he kept pushing my head down further and further each time and my gag reflex weakened over time. After awhile he pulls me up and kisses me. Then he pulls me on top of him and I reached down and guided his massive ** into me. It felt so amazing all shame or guilt was gone. I began riding him like I had never rode anyone before. I was smashing down on his ** and his ** was pounding into my cervix which made me more wet. After awhile I got off and for the first time in my life I squirted like a fountain drenching him me and the bed. He loved that and started to jackhammer into from the bottom quickly getting me off again making me squirt over and over. After awhile he pulled me down and kissed me and pulled his ** out. I thought he must be done but he aimed that thick head into my tight **. I said no your much too big for **. I'd done ** many times but never with a ** 3/4 of that size. He said you can take it I'll be gentle. And he was we made out as his ** ever so slowly sunk into my tight **. It hurt but because of how slow he went it was bare able after prolly 25 mins I realized he was ** deep in my **. And he started moving under me ever so slowly stretching me causing both pain and extreme pleasure. I reach down and started rubbing my ** to increase my pleasure. He picked up the pace slowly until he was ramming in and almost all the way out I squirted once which caused him to dump another big load in my ** this time. After this we fell asleep side by side naked with my ** and ** full of his **. That's the end of the first day. Anyone who wants to know more or is from the Midwest and is interested in meeting post your email. ;) there will be more stories to come. Or email me at

Next Confession

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