It happened once

My first year old college it was mandatory I had to live in the dorms. Two people to a room. My roomie was gay.He was cool and we got along great.
Eventually the subject came up of "visitors", as in dates, s**, whatever. We agreed to try and give each other heads up as much as possible but also we agreed that we were adult enough to live with some freaky things happening. It is our college years, live it up.
Well the time came and he had been out at a bar until late. he brought a friend back to the room. The lights were dim, I was in bed across the room as they started messing around on his bed. I couldn't help it, eventually i ended up looking across the room as they were having s**. My room mate saw me looking and grinned. When he saw that I was not turning away he and his friend started whispering to each other. They got up and walked across the room. My room mate pulled down the cover and his friend started tugging at my boxers. I lifted my hips and let them slide off. Then I had two wet, warm mouths all over my d*** and b****. I had never had a double b******* before and it was great. When I was close to c****** my room mate stopped the action and said "not yet". He pulled me up off the bed and both of then bent over the side of the bed and told me to "go ahead, f*** us". Both of them had very cute a****. I pushed into my room mates a****** first. I f***** him for a few minutes, then pulled out and pushed into his friends a******. I went back and forth taking my time until I couldn't hold it any longer. I was polite and asked where they wanted me to c**. My room mate quickly got down on his knees and went down on my d*** until I shot my load in his mouth. He turned to his friend and they shared a very hot long kiss with my c**. Afterward I went back to bed and they continued to mess around for awhile.
It was the only time it ever happened. It was a little uncomfortable for a few days but we were still good friends.

Aug 5

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