Bachelor party

My older sister got married two months ago. Her fiance was going to have a bachelor's party. She made him promise no stripper. I thought it was so unfair. So I found out where it was going to be. I showed up about 2 hours after it started. The guys were already pretty drunk. I wore my sluttiest outfit. It was not long before I was asked to dance. And not to much long until I was naked. It was a wonderful time.. but now I am pregnant

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  • Cool! It'll so so worth it every time that brat screams all night long! You just keep telling yourself each time you go in to calm it down, second trip, third trip, fourth trip, you can keep on telling yourself, "Sure showed my sister." And when you're at Wal Mart shopping for Pampers and bratty kid's running in the aisles, screaming away, and you're fifty pounds overweight, stretch marks like your tummy turned to taffy, you can remember that for at least a couple hours a few drunk guys thought you were hot , And when you're at Chucky-Cheeses for bratty kid's third birthday and bratty kid is screaming her unholiest nuclear meltdown temper tantrum for three hours straight, you'll be so glad you stuck your nose in where it didn't belong.

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