Intern Hookup

Hired our office intern a little over 2 months ago. She's 19, 5'7, beautiful, petite, and extremely fun to be around. Originally planned to go to a concert with her and my long-term girlfriend, but my girlfriend backed out last minute due to work. Knew it wouldn't be a good idea at the time, but f*** it, you only live once.

Drove her up to the concert -- an all day music festival. She was pretty hyper/happy as her absolute favorite musician was in town. When he finally started his set, she/we pushed our way to the front of the lawn, up against the fence. It gets to be a pretty tight squeeze up there, and to avoid being groped, she pulled me close to her, with a hand around each side of her holding onto the fence.

She slowly began grinding herself back into me. Rather quickly, I was rock hard. I danced back, wondering if she knew what she was doing. After a few songs, she turned her head, biting her lip, as she buried her ass into my lap. She pulled my hands onto her, and I began to run them up and down her body. She reached back, grabbed my c*** through my pants, turned her head, and my lips met hers. We groped and made out through the rest of the set list.

After the artist finished up, she took my hand, and led me away from the fence. We started to make our way back towards the parking lot, hoping for some privacy. As we went to exit, the attendant informed us we would not be able to re-enter the venue. My shoulders sunk -- but this probably was for the best. As we made our way back up towards the shadow of the stage, she told me she had an idea, and veered me away in a detour. Internally, I balked a bit -- bathroom s** at a concert is not my idea of a good time. Instead, this little fox began walking towards the army of tents set up a few football fields away from the stage. We walked through, found a relatively abandoned camp -- no fire, all but closed up -- and made our way in.

From there, it was all over. She was on me immediately, and began tearing at my belt. I was inside her before my pants were past my knees. I regularly f*** a 26 year old, but this 19 year old's p**** felt amazing. I immediately had her small, cupcake t*** in my mouth, as she rode my hard c***. We f***** for what seemed like an eternity -- her on top, me on top, doggy, on our side, and positions I'm not even sure they've named yet. Eventually, she turned around, pulled off the condom, and slipped my c*** into her mouth. I'm telling you -- this girl is tiny. Size 0 for sure. But she swallowed my entire d*** without as much of a gag. As I f***** her throat, I rubbed her c*** until she came. She worked my d*** out of her tonsils, and begged me to come on her t*** (I lobbied for her face, but to no avail). I blew my load all over my sweet, innocent, intern turned c** hungry lover. I collapsed next to her, atop strangers' sleeping bags, and lay there for a second, enjoying the distant beat playing over loudspeakers.

Slowly, I realized what I had done. F***** a co-worker I manage -- my teenage intern, no less. Cheated on my 6+ year long girlfriend. My gut dropped. But then, as M cuddled up next to me, my fears began to dissipate. She assured me this would stay between us.

That was two weekends ago. Since then, we've hooked up several more times, and we've f***** in my girlfriend and my bed. We even fooled around at my boss's house while she was busy cat sitting -- let me tell you, there's nothing like having your finger in a 19 year old's ass, as you drink your boss's wine, and f*** in front of her fireplace.

I truly want to feel some level of guilt for all of this, but I don't really give a s*** anymore.

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  • F*** yeah. Im jealous. Im mid 30's been a while since i had a tight teens p****.

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