I admit

It's sort of nice being the younger one in a relationship. I've been with men of all ages and this is the first time I've been with a guy 20 + years my senior. I like it, I feel more desirable this way. :)

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  • Have to chime in on this one. Am a guy in my 40s, and regularly date or get involved with women in their 20s or early 30s. The 20s women are just...Hotter, more willing to please, and make their man feel desirable, too. Sports bar I go to is like a supermarket of hot, young women. Took home a young hostess one night, with no intention of having at her, yet..She made the move on me (at a red light, btw..climbed on my lap). Back to her apartment, and she told me she loves older guys, had been watching me watching her (I was..), and knew we needed to experience each other.

  • They are fresher than older women, that's true. But don't lie to yourself, boy-- you like that they're "more willing to please" because they're naive dumbfucks with steaming-hot self esteem issues. Playthings like that are fun, aren't they? There's a little scary drama when you dump 'em (they haven't learned to hit you where it hurts yet) and then you get to mope around claiming "all women suck". Nothing but win for loser types, as "sports bar guy" here keeps showing with his regular fantasy-based comments.

  • My experience has been the same. Now I only date guys who are at least twice my age.

  • I agree and I think it's more natural for a more mature male to be with a much younger female. That's the way it worked for me and my man. He and his wife were the same age, but they hadn't been in love for years. We fell in love with each other on the first date and it wasn't long before he left her for me. Nothing has been sweeter in my life. Nothing. And yes, that makes me feel soooooo desirable. :)

  • Same here. I can't stand even being around a boy any more, especially in a sexual way. Give me a grown man any day.

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