Wife Used A Co-WorkerTo Get Pregnant Without His Knowledge

My wife and I have been trying to have children for a while but I have a low sperm count and it isn't working. My wife and I used to be swingers, so the idea of using another man to get her pregnant wasn't that far fetched. What we didn't want was for someone else to get her pregnant and then try to claim custody or child visitation rights. So what we did was for my wife to "have an affair" with a man who worked at her company but was shortly going to be transferred out of state.

She began flirting with the co-worker and it took about three weeks for things to get to the point where he was willing to bed her. My wife arranged the date according to her ovulation date and then met with him at a hotel. She was able to get him to forgo a condom by saying that she was on birth control, and with that he seemed satisfied. She described the s** as very satisfying and intense because she knew that there was a very real chance of becoming pregnant during this encounter. They met over a three day period during her peak ovulation time and when it was over he transferred a month later non the wiser.

And yes, she got pregnant and he never found out. Today, we have a healthy daughter. Thankfully, the co-worker did resemble me so there isn't any question of her parentage.

May 15, 2016

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  • While I was deployed years ago my wife was seduced and impregnated 6 weeks before I got home. We raised his daughter and it has never come up so far.

  • Why did't you ask this fine black guy to knock your dear wife up for you? Let me give you your next baby please. In any case,I am very happy for you and your wife.You made a good choice,cheaper than adoption or IVF. But be prepared to explain this to your daughter in the future,although all will be well.

  • Some didnt get the reason for your action.....

  • Wtf

  • Why would you let your woman
    F*** another guy lol

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