I've known my step daughter since she was 11. She left her dads house and moved in with her mom and me at 16. She is now 21. Watching her body develope over the years has been such a pleasure. Her boobies went from small bumps to large lucious D cups.
I have lately become obsessed with her panties and bra. I especially enjoy looking through her laundry basket smelling used panties. They never smell bad, only a soft musty scent. The tast is especially intoxicating. I've gotten to the point where when she leaves for work I lay on her bed while wearing a pair and masturbating. When I'm ready to c** I usually do it on a fresh pair in the drawer. I'm careful not to leave all my juice in the crotch but just enough. The next day I go in her room and the fresh pair I came in is gone. I get so hard thinking that her p**** juice is mixing with my c**. I've also been able to sneek a peek of her in the shower and on occasion while she changes in her room. When my wife and I have s** I always picture my stepdaughter.

May 18, 2016

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  • I have used my niece's panties many time to j******* with. Wrapping them around my shaft and other times soaking the crotch of the panties. OMG soo hot and satisfying.

  • Years ago, i used to w*** n c** all in my step daughter panties, she fell preggo and two years later the kid may be mine, who knows

  • Im the same with my stepdaughter, shes 19 now, goes out clubbing dressed all slutty, when i pick her up late at night from the train station she has a habbit of taking her heels off and leaving them in the car so when i can i give them a good sniff, and jacked off on them, peeked round her bedroom door once when her and her boyfriend were having s**, so wish i could use her young petite body

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