Humiliated by her sister

I had always been submissive, especially with this girl. But when her younger sister found out...the humuliation really began. To shorten the story ill skip a bit and just say i had no choice but to obey her totally. She had just gotten her own place an hour and a half away. She ordered me to go there strickly to buy her some new panties. I was told to wear panties myself all day. When i arrived she checked that i did as told then off to the mall we went. She said since i was such a sissy and obeyed her comletely, i would be punished for every pair of panties i bought her by taking as many pairs from her dirty laundry basket home with me but by putting on every pair while she watched. She started by keeping the ones i had on all day. She then made me display my nude body to her completely. Every inch was photographed while she laughed and teased me about the people who woulf (and did) see the pics. She took pics of me in every pair of her panties as well. A few weeks later i found out they where all her room mates, so was the camera she used and i found out that they had been fighting and where parting ways already. The room mate had my pictures, nude, c*** pics, and dressed in her underwear and was wearing my panties without knowing they where mine.

Jan 17, 2014

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  • To skip a bit.......thats the whole story, moron. fake ass idiot

  • Go with it. My hot older sister caught me messing with her panties and red nail polish in her apartment, and made me wear both. Then she joined me. After that, I admit, if she wanted to humiliate or use me, I did as told, knowing she'd do the same. Never left the apartment, though. Think favorite was catching me cutting her half-shirts shorter (she wore them anyway), being forced to do the same to my clothes, and do a few Polaroids of me in her cut half shirts and undies. Again, just go with it.

  • Older sister f***** me a strapon

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