I keep having fantasies about my neighbor.

I'm a 20 year old Male. The house I live in is attached to another and the gardens are connected by a low fence, so you can pretty much see everything that's going on next door. For the majority of the time I've lived there, we've had an old woman for a neighbor, until recently she was sent to a care home. Since then we've had a number of neighbors who've moved in and moved out over the course of 5 years.

About 7 months ago someone had bought the property and planned to renovate it. A woman and her son moved in. She told my dad that they were only going to be there for about 2 months but they've stayed longer since then. I don't know her name nor her age, but she looks like shes in her 40s and her son looks around the same age as me.

Now I have a bit of a fetish for curvy, slightly chubby mums with large b******, and this is exactly what she looks like. The view we have from our back garden into their house is their kitchen door and their dining room. The amount of times that I've gone outside for a smoke and peeked over the wall to look into her dining room to see if she was in there so I can have a bit of a perv. I've noticed that when her son isn't in that she likes to wear next to nothing, I've spotted her in nothing but her underwear and the way her t*** bounced as she walked really makes my c*** hard.

This morning I went out of a cigarette and she was outside gardening. We exchanged hellos and I went and sat on the chair on our patio. Our patio is slightly higher than theirs, so where I was sitting I could look over into their garden. I'm not entirely sure what she was doing but whatever it was, it meant that she had to shake her arms which resulted into her whole chest shaking. she was also bending over. What she was wearing really revealed a lot of flesh, I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra and the sight of her cleavage made me so hard. I couldn't take it anymore. I just had to get my d*** out and start jacking.

I'm sure she noticed me looking a few times but luckily she didn't catch me masturbating. Shortly after, I had finished my cigarette and she had gone inside. As soon as I got in, closed to door and took my shoes off, I ran straight up to my room and had the best o***** I've had in a while.

I really hope one day I can see those amazing b******, or even touch them. And I know this is rather realistic but I would love to blow my load on those t*** one day.

Thanks for reading.

May 22, 2016

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  • I can say that if ya keep getting chances to chat with her, take notice of what she wears. If its revealing and lets say she doesn't wear a bra. Well sit back and stroke your c*** while ya chat with her and make sure you use some lube. Make some noise as ya stroke your c***. If she hears the sound and asks what your doing play innocent.

    I'm sure if she is interested you will soon enough get that mommy to show you her huge T***

  • I have similar situation. I am sure she noticed or slightly heard you jacking.

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