Gave in to temptation

First a little background, I'm 28 and i have known my wife Laura for four years and been married for two. She has one sister Chloe who has just turned 15. They look like twins but there are seven years age difference, where my wife is quite reserved, Chloe is very confident and a bit of a show off, and over the last year even openly flirty. I have always got on well with her and she often stays over at weekends, she gets me to massage her shoulders and back, my wife has even joked she thinks her little sister fancies me, it's all been harmless fun and nothing inappropriate has happened but I have noticed she has become a bit more flirty recently, only a couple of weeks ago my wife was fixing dinner and Chloe came downstairs after taking her shower, she had little pj shorts on that looked about two sizes too small and a short little top that didn't reach her shorts. She sat next to me and then asks if I will scratch her back, I said ok so she then gets up and kneels on the sofa with her arms and head resting on the back of the sofa. This was the time I realised just how gorgeous she was, I admit I was getting hard looking at her ** in those tight shorts. I start to rub her back and realise she isn't wearing a bra she then says to me do the job properly, asking me to put my hands under her top and not on the outside, I go along with it and the smoothness of her skin got me rock hard. This goes on for a few minutes and it's obvious she is enjoying it, I let my hands move across her back to the sides my ** tips just touching the side of her **, I didn't push to far just in case I'm reading it wrong. Then a reality check as my wife shouts out dinner is ready, then in a split second Chloe pushes back turns and gives me a cheeky smile, her sudden movement gives me a handful of her left ** to which she jokingly says naughty boy. Fast forward to last week and I have taken a week of work to fit a new kitchen, midweek Chloe turns up with a friend from school, wearing skirts that are way to short for school, they could see me starring which is met with some flirty smiles I tease them a bit then they tell me how it's common thing in school for the girls to roll their skirts up to make them extra short, they give me a demo and an accidental flash I'm sure they noticed how hard I got as their eyes kept dropping to my bulge. All that afternoon I couldn't stop thinking about her, knowing I really should put a stop to this before anything goes any further. So Friday lunch time arrives and there is a knock on the door and in marches Chloe, skirt rolled up, tie pulled down and a couple of buttons undone on her blouse. I fix her a drink and sit down I couldn't stand the tension as she walks up and down the room my eyes burning into her ** and **, then she just says my drink is awful and I'm going to get you. With that she just jumped on me straddled across me sitting right on my now very hard **, the sight of her skirt pulled right up showing off her little peach coloured thong and her lovely ** just inches from my face was just too much. That's the moment I know now could be a big mistake. I reached up and squeezed her **, slowly undoing her blouse to reveal a White Lacey bra, this was unclipped and her firm ** were all mine, her ** were soon hard as I licked and squeezed them, I then slid my hands under her skirt and gave her ** a gentle stroke, Chloe reached down and pulled out my ** taking great delight in rubbing a very wet head while I slid a couple of fingers in her now wet **. We both knew she couldn,t be late back for school so I started to rub my ** against the front of her thong pushing a little harder with every stroke, slowly I push her thong to one side and slide right in, we both moan as she rides up and down slowly at first then working harder and faster, it wasn't long before I couldn't hang on any longer and ** burried inside her, I knew she was on the pill as she does have a boyfriend her own age. We quickly clean up and she hurries back to school. Where this will end up I really don't know, maybe it's just a one off wanting to gave something her sister has got, I really don't know, I never thought I would get into
a situation like this, I do know she is due to stay next weekend so any sensible comments will be welcome. I can't get out of my head at the moment and part of me will be gutted if she has used me. Don't know if I can stop this if she wants more.

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  • Fake **!! Wishful thinking,fool!!

  • When you touch a electrical socket, you know you will get zapped, perhaps electrocuted, dealing with anyone of questionable age is just like that. It's like taking some white powder from a drug dealer and snorting it, no one forced you to do it nor anyone forced her, but the problem is now it's a health and moral issue. Perhaps I may be a prude for the libertarians out there, but that was risky.

  • Dude, you lucky **, but seriously, you didn't post because you felt guilty; you just wanted to brag. Either way, props, I'm sick with jealousy.

  • Dudes like, leave the guy alone. She was asking for it and he's a grown man, he can make his own decisions, hers was to be a cheating ** his was to have ** with a minor, now get over it you sad people, jesus christ.

  • Yes, did you ask for me?

  • I don't want a pat on the back but Chloe is jealous of my wife and I admit I'm now exploiting that. All the things my wife won't let me do to her of a sexual nature, Chloe is all to willing, she will swallow and I'm now ** her **, I guess full ** won't be too long away

  • Hi, I wrote the post, wanted to gauge some reaction. I know she is a little underage (16 in the uk) but she was no virgin, been with her b/f for a year. Believe me you soon get hooked on a girl like this, so willing to try anything, I doubt we will get caught I'm very careful and she can't prove I'm ** her anyway. Only one slight problem, she wad confided in her best friend and I'm told she wants in on it to. Can't wait to see the pair of them on their knees with their skirts pulled up pulling back on their ties and me banging the pair of them together. If only my wife was so exciting this may not of happened

  • Reaction? What do you want a pat on the back? First if she was 18 and you were wouldn't matter. But you're not, and she's not a consenting adult. Your wife deserves to have someone who will be faithful to her. She deserves more than the schmuck she married. Where do you think this is going? You don't think that her sister is going to develop feelings for you? She's a teenager..seriously here's what will happen..she's going to get pregnant, and then will have to tell her parents and your wife and then you'll be sent to jail. This will not end well for anyone. You are destroying your family.

  • Go for it--why not she is on the pill no doubt has been having it for some time with other young guys -enjoy it and enjoy her - I was into my young sister in law for years and years no one ever knew we had a ball and many a laugh

  • I think his "she was asking for it" defense will stand up quite well in court.

  • Hey. Give the guy a break, she appears to be more than willing, I wish I was him

  • A BREAK ?????? Willing OR Not, a minor CANNOT give consent!!She JUST turned 15 years old! He is a ** who should be in prison... that way he can have all the ** he wants or DON'T want! LOL!I wish all you nasty, disgusting pigs would DROP DEAD!!

  • Yep, jail. And it's too late to do anything about it. You're screwed.

  • Where it will end.. you in jail for being a ** and divorced paying your wife a lot of alimony.

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