My mother came out of her bedroom her black bra holding back her heaving t***.
Now normally I wouldn't look but this day I did I'm 48 she is 76 good t*** got a twinge looking I'm separated and so in need of a good f*** maybe moms that f***.
Went to my room had to walk over her x

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  • He who hesitates is lost. Look, it's YOUR mother. You should know how to navigate this road by now. The word is MANIPULATE. Her regular display of her bras lends credence to your inferences. You & your mother have a bonding love. If you 2 live alone there, no one is the wiser to what occurs in your privacy. I'd say she'd welcome you very intimately expressing your love to her via the interface of your respective genitalia. i.e. Get On Her.

  • K thnx. You were mostly right. I sat a couple days and tried to figure out how to manipulate. It worked, I'm sleeping with her and II will not second guess how or why I found it so easy to exploit my own mother. It's part of a new age and my p**** and disposition are much happier. She knows that I have always been able to turn to her. Even at 76 she knows better than to refuse my need for her.

  • Your so lucky, this is something I want to do

  • What happened, did she pass out or just collapse??

  • Think someone is smoking to much pot

  • #sick #sickfuck #verysickfuck

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