Maybe he changed his mind?

I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years now and when we started seeing each other I made it clear to him that I was never going to have or want to have kids.
Well he had dreamed of having a small family to pass down his last name and s*** like that but ultimately chose me over that and we have been happy.
Lately after he received a big promotion and we've moved in together he's been talking about us getting married and that because I'm beautiful and smart I have a duty to procreate for the world. Everytime I call him out on it he says he's only joking but I'm not sure.
I'm on birth control but I've been hiding my pills away from him, I don't want to risk it.

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  • After you told him that you didn't want children he should have found another girl if he wanted a family. I guess he did think you would change your mind but since you aren't going to do that be prepared to lose him. He was foolish to marry you. You were up front and honest with him.

  • I agree with the first comment, I think you should get the IUD. But, it really sounds like he's thinking you are going to have a change of heart once you are settled or get married. It really may be for the best to break up. You guys may love one another, but there are certain things you can't compromise on in a relationship. It's okay for you to not to want children (it's not a duty), and it's okay for him to want children. But you are on different pages, and you can't go through life hoping that one person changes their mind, it just may never happen.

  • Can you switch to a BC that nobody can sabotage, like the implant or IUD? Can you get sterilized? Also, that's a real 180 for someone to do, and it doesn't match up with your desires. You two are no longer compatible, so get out of there.

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