I Fantasize About Getting a Married Woman Pregnant

I am a mature black guy. For a few years now,I have been fantasizing about finding a married woman,any race,having a discreet affair with her,getting her pregnant and having her and her husband raise the baby.In my wild fantasy world,her and hubby have loved the baby so much and done such a good job raising it that he has let her get pregnant by me again.
I wish my fantasy would come true for real.

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  • I as a white husband would love another man to put his baby in my wifes belly and I would raise baby as my own, just the thought of anothers baby in my wife is so incrediblly awesome, so you would love to put your baby in our wives, we want it so much too.

  • Your married moron. Remember the line, forsaken all others?

  • You. Are. Sick. You need Jesus sicko. Really.

  • effing crazy, the whole lot of you

  • I know this is way off-topic, but the discussion about church hookups prompted me to share my own experience with a married lady from my church, and the ways she rationalized all the adultery we were committing (for over a year). Making out wasn't cheating because no genitalia are actually involved. Handjobs weren't cheating because there is no penetration. B******* weren't cheating because they're really nothing more than an intimate form of kissing. Even intercourse wasn't cheating -- if you use a condom -- because the man's p**** doesn't make direct contact with the woman's reproductive equipment, and there's no risk of impregnation. Don't ask me how she rationalized pulling off my condom after I'd nutted and sucking and licking the j*** out of it, or squeezing the juice out and spreading it all over her face and t***: she never told me, and I never asked. Anyway, that's just a picture of how we all can rationalize our behavior and do the things we want, even if there's absolutely no logic to them. Yes, churches are full of hot ass, and don't ever doubt that.

  • At church today,I was able to get a phone number of a black woman who is a friend of a family I know. She is fairly young,but am not sure if anything will ever happen.

  • i been dating one for about 4-5 months and the b**** is so dirty. she says she loves me but i couldnt care less. all i care about is hitting that filthy t*** and ruining her for her husband. damn!

  • Tell us how u got started with her please. what if you got her pregnant or ruined her and her marriage?

  • i had known her and her husband for years after my parents and me joined their church while i was in high school but i never thought about her in a sexy way coz she was married and we really didnt have anything in common at the church except they were sort of friends with my parents. then one night last spring i went out to a club with some friends and she was already there with some girlfriends drinking and dancing. she asked me to dance a few times and it was fun but then while we were out there a slow song came on and we danced that and i got a major f****** hardon and when she rubbed up against me she realized i was hard and said she was so happy that she turned me on. we kissed and made out on the dance floor and i humped her and she said she really needed to get laid seriously hard and asked me to take her to my apt and so i did that and we f***** like maniacs until she had to go home but she said she would be back. i thought that was just talk but she called the next day and we got together again and then the day after that too. i was shocked by all the dirty s*** she knew and was willing to let me do to her and it just kept getting dirtier to the point i didnt want it to stop. she says she loves me now and that she cant leave her husband right now but i dont care what she wants or if she ever leaves coz all i care about is what an unbelievably hot f*** she is. the only thing i tell her is that i want the s** to be so f****** good that she doesnt want to give up the p**** to her husband anymore and she tells me every time that i f*** her so good that she dont want any at home at all. i love ruining her that way so that her husband cant satisfy her. i dont think she wants any more kids than she has with him and i honestly dont care about her marriage since she obviously dont care about it either. its just that the s** has been so good that i cant stop it. she f**** like the wettest wet dream in the history of time. dirty s*** like like youve never seen.

  • I had a married friend who went to the same church as me and we worked together too. She gave me a complete low job every lunch time. I knew her hubby well we even went fishing together etc. She gives such good head and she's such a slit for me. Gotta love it.

  • What's a low job? Ha. What do you mean she's such a slit for you? Watch your spelling. Just shows you what she is.

  • Lol,man am happy for you.Just enjoy that godsend woman to the fullest,someone gotta do it since hubby c***:).Just know that if u get caught,you will be the talk of the church.

  • Similar for me, except that I don't attend church but the woman I'm having an affair with is active in her church along with her husband and children. She looks like a nice normal lady but is really a superfreak like you wouldn't believe. Watersports, ass-to-mouth, you name it, she does it. All of it.

  • How did you meet her and what attracted you guys to each other?

  • We had worked together as volunteers for the local arts organization for almost a year, planning for the upcoming festival and fund-raiser, and the last two months were pretty intense and we worked close together for that time. The attraction was mutual marital dissatisfaction. I assumed she meant she wasn't getting any at all, since she comes across as really reserved, but I realize now she meant she wasn't getting anything twisted. But when she asked for a*** s** like 10 minutes after our first time together, I realized I had a wild tiger on my hands. She's even more active in her church than with the arts people, and I doubt anybody there has any idea how sexual this woman is, or how "unconventional" her tastes are. If I were her husband, I'd be f****** her at least three times a day. I'd keep her naked, on her back, in bed, and never let her out of the house. She is incredible. She can't get enough s**, and I can't get enough of her. Damn!!

  • Are you using protection or is she on a pill or of child bearing age? What if you get her knocked up?

  • We've only been "dating" since late spring, so we're still figuring out the birth control situation. She's not on the pill at present (she got off after one of the breast cancer reporting scares and never got back on, and it would take some maneuvering within her marriage for her to resume them), so I either bring condoms or she uses a diaphragm or something else that's not obvious around her house. At first we didn't try to develop a plan for protection because we didn't know how long this might last or how often we'd be making love, but we quickly decided that what we have is definitely going to last, and so far the frequency of our liaisons is increasing, not decreasing: we both want much more. Knocking her up excites me, both as a fantasy and as a possible reality (just typing this is making me hard, thinking of doing that), and while I wouldn't admit it to her, I've given serious thought to puncturing my condoms in an effort to knock her up by surprise because I think she would leave her family if we got pregnant, and I know I would leave mine. We have not spoken about anything so long-term, but I can easily see MY long-term being with her and no longer with my family. She is the best f*** I've ever had, and so much better than my wife - and hotter and nastier - and I take that to mean something more than mere s**. So, yes, I guess I have to say that I would love knocking her up, and especially if that means having her come to me for good. I'm not sure I'm quite bold enough to do that without having a mutual plan in place, but I want her so much sometimes that, yeah, I could knock her and not care about the immediate consequences. I imagine that seems cruel and selfish, but the hunger and heat I have for this woman is really uncontrollable sometimes. Like right now.

  • Interesting.Enjoy and may all your wildest dreams come true:). Thanks for sharing.

  • You people are all f****** mental... the absolute dregs of society. You folks are what abortions were made for.


  • Why doesn't reality seem real to you?Are in some sort of denial? Married women are getting knocked up by men other than their husbands daily and are loving it. Don't miss out!

  • Sorry, pal, but YOU are the one off-base. All of this that appears here -- from the original post to all the replies -- is absolutely as sexy as all f****** h***. If you aren't down with it, that's fine, but you are really missing a good time. Your loss.

  • I have no scientific evidence to support the idea, but my experience is that many married white women who fantasize about taking a black lover actually fantasize about being taken BY him; that is, becoming involved with a strong-willed and insistent black man who takes over and runs things, using s** as the basis of power. That includes the actual sexual relations, of course, but also extends to birth control (absolutely must include birth control) and even into other areas of her life. That range has to be determined by feel, in each situation, but you seem sensitive enough to find out where the boundaries are, and strong enough to push them a bit, getting what you want and giving her what she wants. I think this is a great plan and I think you'll do well deploying it. And like the others, I wish you well with it, and with your child or children, hopefully the latter and many times over. I know for an absolute fact there are women out there in the world who are willing to do this and there are probably several candidates already in your life that have slipped past your radar.

  • I have no boundaries in the color of women I date. Two complexities have put me in my current situation.The first is that I had black kids in my mid 20s and when that marriage failed I became a single parent and shied away from having kids. The second issue was that I desired bi-racial kids,but always wondered what my kids,friends,parents and everybody else will say and think. So when dating a non-black woman(married or single),I was careful not to knock her up,though I badly wanted to. That was a costly mistake and hats how many escaped my radar.For the last many years that I have wanted to make this happen,I have not been able to find a suitable partner in this.Yes I am sensitive and that is probably one of the reasons I have failed to accomplish this. I think I may need to be bolder and daring, after reading your reply.The problem is,I don't like to control anybody,especially a woman.You catch my drift?

  • i am a married white lady and i admit that ive had that fantasy for years...... but i wouldnt ever be able to do it coz of parents and husband and children. but i admit that i would love it ........... and that i even sometimes m********* thinking about it happening. you will find a very special lady to make your dream come true ..... as you make her dream come true. .......and btw.....i totally get why you want her to be married and i think its awesome and beautiful and i encourage you to do it......several times with several ladies if you at all possible can.....so many married ladies need it believe me....

  • You dirty thing you. How dare you. If that's your fantasy then why the h*ll are you married?

  • You recommend this for others, but won't consider it for yourself, even as you say that your own body is telling you that this is what you're supposed to do...

  • "own body is telling you that this is what you're supposed to do" What a bunch of crap! First; Shut up. Second; She's married. Were not animals. There's a funny vow, it's forsaken all others. To bad a lot of married people forget that vow.

  • NO! Zip it bud.

  • Made any efforts to turn your fantasy into a reality? I know it kills me to want something and not have it come into fruition year in year out. Does it not bother you that you haven't been able to to make your fantasy come true?I just wanna hook up with one of the many married ladies who want this and make it happen for me and her for real.Wanna try it?

  • Quiet. Shut it up. Your an a$$h@le.

  • god......just the thought of it makes me so f****** wet

  • A lot of women have the fantasy of being knocked up outside their marriage. In particular, lots of WHITE women want black lovers, and want to bear their black babies, as a display of how hot and whorish they are underneath their outward appearances. Obviously, some of those women will not act on their urges, but some will. Find one of those willing accomplices (bars, volunteer organizations, churches, book clubs, etc.) and knock her sweet white ass up......right under her poor white husband's nose!!! Good luck to you!

  • What a bunch of crap. " knocked up outside their marriage" " how hot and whorish they are" How do you know this fantasy? Is it true because you said it was? Did you ask a lot of white women about their fantasy? What kind of women are you hanging around with? I am sure these are not quality women. As for your "right under her poor whites husbands nose" and "good luck to you" by you saying these statements, you sound like you are not a quality person yourself. Women who do this even with their husbands ok know nothing of marriage. Having fantasies about other people, not a marriage. Having an affair, (no matter what race) not a marriage.

  • Biggest bullshit I've ever heard.Only black fantasies. No women want to bear a monkey baby.

  • Monkey baby, huh? Must be a bit of a comedown to admit that an ape can s**** your wife better than you do.

  • Snappy come back. That aside though, it still a money baby. For the women who do this, their the useless ones. No big win for your team.

  • Church?I am not so sure women who want to transgress like that hang out at church,lol.But I know good women can be found in all sorts of places.I really don't care where I find her,I just want this sweet dream to happen asap,I am tired of nursing it. Thanks

  • As a married white woman who goes to church, I really doubt any of the women in my circle would allow a baby to be born that was a blatant sign of cheating with a black man. (pretty sure my white husband would be a little suspect of our child's "tan"). Not to kill your dream. I'm not saying these women don't exist. I'm just agreeing church might limit your impregnantion fantasy.

    I can tell you the best jobs to help you get some wealthy white lady side action (from actual friend's stories): Children's tutors/teachers, Nannies/Mannies, Yard Guy, Friend of kids. Basically like p****. It's easier on us if we feel you are too inferior to spoil our marriage. Plus, ease of access.

    To find someone who will let you knock them up you'll have to go a little trashier probably. I'm not destroying my body for free.

  • Don't help you idiot! You dumb b*tch. Shut the f*ck up.

  • Don't be too quick to dismiss church as a connection point: there's an ocean of repressed sexuality at any church you go to. Back when I was in college, I had some of the most incredible and perverted s** of my life with two different married women, both of whom did the nastiest and filthiest s*** I've ever experienced. So, yes: there are lots of s**** in the pews.

  • I had s** in a church one time during my teenage years to a young lady I had never seen before.Maybe I need to start going to church more.

  • Boy you're so cool. No. Not really. You sound like an @$$hole.

  • ^Totally!^ Not all the women are good to go, but the ones that are hot are really the dirtiest b****** you could imagine. Their husbands aren't taking care of business at home, so they are ready for love. And filth.

  • I call b*ll sh*t on that. Churches are never empty. Ther's always someone there.

  • me too. i had a affair with an older woman at my church and it was so hot to look across the church and see her sitting with her husband and children, knowing that i was doing her like all the time, and she sat there like a prim and proper lady. she was a freak but i was the only one who knew!

  • Right pal. Sure you did. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ok.

  • Was she black,white.....what?

  • Noooo stay away ??????

  • Lol that made me laugh?

  • I think one viable option is to find a woman who is cuckolding her husband, and I think there are lots of them around. Her control over him should assist in the implementation of your plan, and that way she's already laid the groundwork for her control of their relationship, and you relationship with her will fit nicely into that dynamic. An adjunct to that would be to find one who wants to cuckold her man, and assist in establishing her control over him by asserting your control over her. There are lots of possibilities and all of them are sexy! Best wishes!

  • Very nice idea.I know very little about cuckolding but I have no clue how to spot such a woman or where to find her. But a woman who has her hubby under control may be ideal, since she can almost do whatever she pleases.Thanks.

  • Moron.

  • It may require a special set of circumstances, but the premise is not so far-fetched that it COULDN'T happen: in fact, it seems like it's so plausible that it may not even rise to the level of fantasy. Yes, it's an INCREDIBLY sexy idea (really amazingly so), which makes it seem like mere fantasy, but I think with even a modest amount of effort (dating sites, adultery sites, hotwifing sites, etc.) this is something that is rather achievable. In fact, if my wife could still have kids (we're both white), I would encourage her to consider it, since she's the kind of liberated, intelligent and stable - and wildly overheated - woman that I think would be required for this type of long-term relationship. I would wish you luck, but I'm not sure you need it, because I believe there are women out there who would be willing and eager partners in your quest.

  • My wife f***** a wide variety of men during ourmarriage but somehow never got Pregnant. I was a major cuck. Evensucked her boyfriends c*** while she watched. No question we would have raised some one else's child. She dumped me due to better s** with a larger cocked man,

  • Dude you suck. Oh yeah, you do. Nasty. Stay single. Your f**ked in the head.

  • Thanks for your good wishes. I wish your wife was of child bearing age too-you seem like a kool guy who would have helped me turn my hopes into reality.I need to try some sites and see.

  • Cool guy? Cool guy? He's twisted and messed up in the head. Don't you see? By the way, cool spells with a c not a k.

  • The most important thing you can do toward realizing this dream is to feed your mind and let it inform your soul.


  • "inform your soul" "feed your mind" Yeah. Maybe a dream catcher and a mat where he can lay and be one with the universe. The universe knows all. Sounds like one of those hipsters. Tell me more about composing and eating organic. Think green.

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