My mother in law

My wife is pregnant with our first child, she has been having some difficulties so she is in the hospital and due any day. my mother in law has come to stay with us to help my wife out when she first comes home. the other night after my mom in law and i got home from the hospital. we ate dinner and had a few drinks. we ended up having s** a couple of times that night and it was mind blowing s**. she is super hot and an incredible f***. we plan on doing this as long as we can and may continue our affair after as well. i love my wife and don't want to lose her , but i have never had such amazing s** before in my life.

May 25, 2016

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  • Why dont these s**** b carful not to get preg

  • I have been married 33 years and have had affairs for 30 of those years and my wife has never found out about any of them. It can be kept secret if you are smart.

  • I am a mother in law and I helped my son in law while my daughter, who is in the reserves, served a year in Afghanistan. It kept him home and out of the bars and picking up some trash b**** who would give him a STD. At least I am clean and I feel like I did my daughter a favor.

  • Very good job.

  • Had girl friend her and her mother slept in the same bed naked and doing mother and daughter thing.they were in 69 position and I was watching so I got undressed walked up behind my girlfriends mother shoved my c*** in her c*** full force with one push and she screamed real loud telling me take my c*** out of her but I didn'the hear her just kept f****** her hard making sure she was still on top of her daughter.once I came inside of her and pulled out my c** started running out of her c*** onto my girlfriends face.once I got up they both looked at me said my mother could be pregnant now I said good and told my girlfriend your next once her mom got off her I jumped on top of her rammedy my c*** up her c*** and her mom told f*** my daughter hard which I did and maid her c** real hard and that is when I pumped load of c** in her.about two weeks later they both were pregnant.everything we f***** both of them do 69 position sucking the c** out of their c****.

  • You did a great service for your daughter. I applaud you and bet you had a good time too.

  • I'd hate to be your wife.

  • I've always been envious of guys who develop romantic and physical relationships with their wives' mothers. That is so hot and sexy. I wish to God that I could have that with my own M-I-L. She is really incredibly desirable, and I would give anything to get with her. Unfortunately, she won't even give me the time of day, much give me any of that p****. I fantasize about her constantly. And I love her deeply.

  • I shagged my mother-in-law while my wife was in hospital having our baby, her mother and me f***** each other all over the house in every room . she is forty years old but has a figure of a twenty year old, and we spent most of the day stark b****** naked and we were f****** each other very time we felt randy i seem to have a permanent h******.but there was only one problem i got her pregnant. i thought she was too old to get pregnant and shot her belly full of my c**, and then she tell's to tell me she was still fertile, so it look like i am going to be a father again.

  • The f**** b**** why was she not carful if she has partner ul b ok

  • That's best way to keep it in the family.I know I f***** my aunt with my friends and we did her with no condoms and she got pregnant.then we got my mom and g********* her gave her triple f*** two c**** in the c*** and one in the ass.both those had one thing we liked and that was hairy c****.to this day we still f*** them at the sametime together.we make sure we leave enough c** inside aunt has four kids now by us and she is not married anymore we take care of her and her mother we make sure she is well f*****.luckily she had her tubes tied so she can'take get aunts kids are groaned now and moved out.both these ladies are now in their sixties and now my just started g******** with my mom we take turns pumping loads of c** down their throats in their c**** and ass.

  • Its not possible to get three guys that close to put three in dumbass. At least try to make the bs plausible.

  • That noise you hear that sounds like a train? It's the tornado building in the middle of your marriage. This is going to be ugly. And the bad news is this: it's already too late to stop it.

  • Hey, as long as she dont catch feelings, you get as much of her p**** as you can, give us more details, where in your house have u f***** her? whats the best postion? what stuff does she do better then your wife?

  • She is getting an abortion. we don't need the drama. We use the 2nd bedroom. She loves doggy and so do I. Sometimes she get on top and works things good and fast. She knows how to kiss me all over and get me hot and h**** before we start having intercourse.

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