Saying your sorry doesn't work even if you mean it

Some years ago I told what amounts to a dirty joke at work. Unknown to me a woman was standing behind me and she went to HR and got me fired.

While in the office I repeated said I was sorry. I meant every word of what I was saying but their reply was termination of my employment.

If your at work keep your dirty jokes and cussing to yourself.

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  • You could stalk her

  • What was the joke?

  • That's just what the issue is ; Liberalism. One can't even have a good time joking around anymore for fear of this radical attitude lurking & sometimes hidden. I'ts political correctness over the top. It's the mental disease known as liberalism at its worst.

  • Political correctness has indeed gone too far, but bigotry and sexism and racism don't have any place in intelligent humor. Too bad neither SJWs nor cave-dwellers like yourself are capable of seeing that. Cry some more about how you can't unleash your dillweed side without repercussion. Need a safe space for that, honey?

  • Well let's all cry for the j*** who wants to show his inner bigot but can't. boo hoo.

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