Facing my past.

My brother used to make me get undressed give him a blow jobs. I think the only thing that kept him from having s** with me was he was afraid I would get pregnant. I was too ashamed to tell anyone. He told me no one would believe me. I believed him and kept quite.

After awhile it just became I thing we did. I kept quite let it happen like it was a normal thing. It made me feel broken. I hated that I knew what his hands felt like on my body. It's been almost ten years since it stopped. We just pretend it never happened.

I've finally decided to talk to someone about it. I don't know what good it will do. It's not like saying it out loud will make the memories go away.

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  • It will eat you up. The past can not be undone. That does not make it right. Not by a long shot. And nothing you or him or anyone else can do will undo the past. You have to look to the future. You can control your future. I think forgiveness is really important. For you it is a way of getting past the feelings you associate with what happened.

    These days it seems people are all out for revenge but after they do their revenge thing they are still not happy.

    I think you need to forgive and then move on. If you still feel shy or unworthy then work on that on yourself.

  • Rainn.org is a good organization. Sorry this happened to you. Talking about can begin your healing process.

  • That commenter No regrets I assume that is what you did to your sister too! You need big time professional help you sickening fu€k€n piece of $hittt! What if the tables where turned, how would you like if you were a little boy and your uncle made you go down on him and you were being forced, would you like that? I don't think so! But then again the way you sound you probably wouldn't think nothing of it!!!!! Please don't have kids they would become victims of your sickening perverted circumstances!!!!!

  • Look, this is a private, personal family issue that you should have NO regrets about. Regardless of rumors you may have been conditioned to that say this is not supposed to occur among family members, it is becoming much more popular on a global scale. It is merely a closer, bonding type of love that you and your brother shared. I'm sure he loves you more deeply for it. This type of personal loving among the family is not meant to be told to others. It is yours & your brother's only. It is not popular for people to discuss their sexual habits publicly. You are doing the right thing by not talking about it. Saying it out loud will not make the memories go away ; only time will. He is right. No one would believe you anyhow. As you say, it has been over ten years now anyhow. You are right to keep quiet about it. Think about the positive side to it girl. You learned how to & had good practice at one of the most important duties a girl can do for a man over her entire life. You are good at sucking a Man's P**** now. I hope your brother taught you to swallow all his s**** too. You were fortunate to learn the practice of pleasing a man at such a young age. Expressing yourself here helps you teach other girls that it is good to suck their brother's P**** and learning to do it well. Good for you!!

  • You sick,proverbial b******!!! What f****** s*** are you sprouting on about!!!!

  • Sicko f*** commenter ...go f*** urself and die

  • I get that you are a troll and want to make this person feel bad. At some point in your sad life I hope you realize that trying to inflict pain on someone online from behind a computer is just sad. Maybe its the only way you have to make yourself feel important. Even if you won't admit it to the world, deep down you know how pathetic you are. I'm sure you will have so snarky responses to this. You are probably just waiting for someone to call you on this bullshit. Say what you want, hidden away in secret somewhere where your friends and family will never see how sad you really are.

    To the person who wrote the confession. I'm sorry you had to live through this. You are doing the right thing seeking help. Please don't pay any attention to the ugly little person who wrote that. They just want to make you feel bad. I hope you find some peace for yourself.

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